Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane

Driving new conversions and sales through Shopify for UK apparel and accessories brand Coconut Lane.

The Objective

Coconut Lane is a fashion and lifestyle accessories e-commerce store from London, UK. Firm believers that chic pieces don’t have to break the bank, they produce trend-led, must-have tech and lifestyle accessories for Millennials, Gen Z and more. To grow their customer base and expand to a fresh audience, Coconut Lane came to TikTok to run two exciting campaigns through our brand new Shopify integration .

The Solution

Through our partnership with Shopify, merchants can now create and run video ads on TikTok without leaving their Shopify dashboard. Users can create, manage and track the performance of their TikTok campaigns that have the potential to reach TikTok’s community of 100 million across Europe. For Coconut Lane, this meant they could reach and monitor a huge new audience without ever leaving Shopify.

The brand deployed two separate campaigns through their Shopify account. The first promoted their watch strap product using In-Feed Auction Ads which were set up and run using the new Shopify integration, directing users to click-through to purchase the product on their Shopify website.

In the second, Coconut Lane wanted to drive sales for its newly launched gym brand, Cocogym. Using behaviour targeting, this campaign saw In-Feed Auction Ads promote the exciting new range to users directly in their For You feeds, featuring a call-to-action that directed them to the new gym range on their Shopify website.

Sound-on and full screen, In-Feed Ads appear for users alongside other content from across the TikTok community, offering 100% share of voice for your brand name and a short description or call to action. Totally immersive and packed with sass, the Coconut Lane videos provided an engaging look at their products, alongside native-feel creative that felt right at home on the TikTok platform.

The Results

The Coconut Lane campaigns were a huge success. Generating an impressive cost per click of £0.07 and £0.09 respectively, the In-Feed Auction Ads proved to be an incredible use of ad spend, reaching a new audience directly from their Shopify dashboard – perfectly integrating the campaign with their day-to-day eCommerce operations. In terms of engagement, the two ads generated close to 6,000 clicks, 3,000 likes, and 600,000 impressions.

Phoebe Parker from Coconut Lane said, “We are really pleased with the progress of our account, in particular our campaigns using the Khaki Leopard Apple Watch Strap creative. The ad had a ROAS of 11+ some days and drove a lot of traffic to our website. Now we know this creative is popular, we are using this to test new audiences and to find the best interests to utilise. A big thank you to our account manager Cillian who we have regular calls with – he helped us through every step of this process and helped us achieve the results we were after.”

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