Helping French photo printing app Cheerz reach a new audience across the country.

The Objective 

Cheerz is a Paris-based photo printing company that offers a simple way to print your favourite photos from your phone. To meet a high growth target and a need to diversify its broad customer base, Cheerz partnered with Addict Mobile and turned to TikTok to generate new users.

The Solution 

To engage with their audience in a meaningful way, Cheerz and Addict Mobile created an In-Feed Auction Ad using TikTok Ads Manager. After having tested targeting, bidding strategies and several campaign configurations, Addict Mobile knew the visuals would play a critical role in scaling the Cheerz campaign on TikTok.

Featuring an everyday user of their app and a discrete Cheerz logo displayed on screen, this ad served the TikTok community a real-life look at how the Cheerz app works – boosting authenticity and engagement in a big way. 

Appearing natively in users’ For You feeds next to other user-generated content from across the community, the ad then drove to a download page where the Cheerz app could be explored and installed. 

By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Auction Ads mean brands can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. Addict Mobile also made use of TikTok Ads Manager’s Dynamic Audiences which are auto-refreshed custom audiences, allowing brands to optimise their targeting on a regular basis.

The Results 

The Cheerz In-Feed Auction Ad outperformed all expectations for both the brand and the agency, all while fulfilling the campaign budget in the most efficient way possible – with no duplicates across the audience. The campaign doubled the IPM (install per mile) for the client across the year, and saw a 7% reduction in CPA (cost per acquisition). 

Manuel Pacreau, Addict Mobile User Acquisition Director, said, “Tiktok is one of the most promising platforms for mobile app advertising. Not only because of the massive audience it gathers, but also due to the quick improvements made on the platform to facilitate advertisers' work and campaign performance. We had the chance to be one of the first agencies to run mobile app campaigns on Tiktok back in October 2019, and since then, have worked on a specific creative strategy to match the TikTok environment – and the success of the Cheerz campaign is proof that it’s working perfectly.”

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