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Increasing preference for CeraVe beauty products amongst Australian consumers

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Uplift in brand recall

The Objective

Global skincare brand CeraVe has seen sales explode overseas primarily due to the popularity of its products on TikTok and the interest generated in the beauty community. CeraVe wanted to replicate this success locally, so the brand challenged the Australian TikTok team to amplify its compelling content on the platform and increase preference in Australia, ultimately leading to more product sales in the market. CeraVe was looking for both general awareness, with a specific focus on women aged 18-34.

The Solution

To amplify the campaign across multiple channels in the Australian market, TikTok used several solutions on the platform. These included two pieces of creator-led TopView content and In-Feed Ads. The TopView videos were utilised in CeraVe's launch campaign on TikTok, helping to maximise brand awareness in a completely native and immersive environment.

To increase brand recall and make use of TikToks audio features, the team developed a catchy jingle for the TopView promotion that included the brand's name. This was coupled with creator content from popular TikTok creators @skincarebyhyram, @dermbeautydoc, @charlidamelio and @dermdoctor, and was used to amplify the unique benefits of CeraVe's three essential ceramides ingredients. Each creator was an expert in their fields, such as dermatology or skin reviews. The brand then used In-Feed Ads to reengage the audience in the For You feed.

The Results

Through multiple touchpoints, the launch generated significant hype for the brand. Across the entire campaign, CeraVe drove more than 15 million impressions and 13 million video views. The campaign also led to an 84% uplift in brand recall and a 29% uplift in preference over CeraVe competitors, showing that the Australian TikTok community embraced CeraVe's creative approach.

As a brand developed with dermatologists that advocates for simple, reliable and relatable skincare for all, CeraVe is thrilled to partner with some of the most powerful creators on TikTok to educate more people about healthy skin choices. TikTok has clearly made skincare more accessible to a new generation around the world. The platform has helped foster a new ecosystem of dermatologists, creators, and curious consumers coming together to share their passion for healthy skin.

Penelope Giraud, Global General Manager

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