Helping Casino build brand awareness amongst young people in France.

The Objective 

Casino is a household name in France, and has been one of the country’s go-to grocery providers for more than 122 years. In an effort to build brand awareness with more young people, Casino came to TikTok for help with reaching their new audience.

The Solution

When you’re trying to reach a particular group, TikTok In-Feed Auction Ads offer a handy solution. By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Auction Ads mean brands can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. And what’s more, all you have to do is choose your targets, then let the platform’s algorithm find the best way to reach the campaign’s goal. 

For Casino, the auction ad was the ideal answer to their mission: reach as many young people with their message in the most effective way possible. And the solution? A highly engaging and entertaining video, produced in partnership with global media agency Webedia, featuring some of TikTok France’s most popular Creators. Light-hearted and full of joy, the original video captures the welcoming nature of Casino as a place to shop.

The Results

The Casino campaign performed incredibly well, and proved that – when paired with relevant content and an engaging message – brands can reach target audiences in astonishing numbers through the TikTok platform. The In-Feed Auction Ads themselves gained more than 9 million views in the short time they were live. And as further proof of their success, more than 11% of users watched at least 50% of the video.

"The challenge for us was to communicate about our products by adopting the codes and language of this very popular social media," said Sebastien Corrado, Head of Sales & Marketing (Retail), Casino France. "We opted for a dynamic in-feed video which allowed us to considerably increase our coverage, while reaching new targets. The results were beyond our expectations. We are therefore very proud to be among the very first French retailers to have invested in this land."

"Our close relationship with TikTok has allowed us to design content in line with the platform's codes so as to meet the objectives of our partner Casino. We can only congratulate ourselves on these excellent performances that reward the work of the various stakeholders of the agency," said Sébastien Cailluet, Social Media Director, Webedia.

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