Carte Noire

Carte Noire

Creating awareness around Carte Noire coffee and their support of Sport dans la Ville

The Objective 

Carte Noire creates quality coffees from the best beans possible, imbued with a touch of French elegance. Their coffee awakens the senses, and to unleash this energy, the brand wanted to invite its consumers to dance for a good cause and support the French association Sport dans la Ville. To do this, Carte Noir turned to TikTok for help in creating an irresistible campaign that would free people’s energy to dance, spreading a little joy across the nation and allowing people to express their fun side.

The Solution 

By supporting Sport dans la Ville, Carte Noire showed their commitment to promoting social and professional rehabilitation of young people through sport, and in particular through dance. And when you’re looking to celebrate the joy of dancing and capture the imaginations of young people all over the country, nothing beats a TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge. 

The challenge itself, titled #ChallengeCarteBlanche, was choreographed by popular French dancer Fauve Hautot, who then asked the TikTok community to replicate her moves and share their results. The challenge, which included a fun 2D Branded Effect, was given a big helping hand on its launch, thanks to the help of some of France’s most popular creators, including @akamztwenty20, @edwardsadd,, @mathildeclara_, @alexandreossey, and @s.kerienski. Coupled with a soundtrack supplied by up-and-coming French artist Hervé, the campaign was truly unstoppable.

To help promote the challenge further, Carte Noire chose to run two further TikTok platforms – a TopView ad and a One Day Max In-Feed Ad. The TopView was used to promote participation, spreading the word to the TikTok community through its placement as the first video a user sees on opening the app, and occupying the whole screen with a 15-second ad. For the One Day Max In-Feed Ad, Carte Noire produced a minute-long tutorial with Fauve Hautot, guiding users through the dance step by step. Targeted, scaleable and cost efficient, One Day Max In-Feed Ads appear natively on a user’s personalised For You feed – sound-on and full screen. 

The Results 

Carte Noire’s Hashtag Challenge performed incredibly well, receiving more than 200 million video views in the six days it was live, as well as over 100,000 video creations using the hashtag. Running from November 16 - 21, the challenge proved TikTok’s ability to host a highly effective viral moment for a brand and their messages in a relatively short space of time.  

This challenge also showed that, when paired with official music, campaigns and videos can outperform expectations thanks to the immersive experience provided for users. 

Popular creator said, “I loved participating in the Carte Noire campaign, it was a great experience with a really cool goal! My community loved seeing me dance in another style and they totally embraced the concept!”

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