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Increasing awareness and driving a wide, new audience in-store to Carrefour.

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3.5 M+
3.2 M
Video Views
24.80 %
Engagement Rate

The Objective

Perhaps Belgium’s most famous hypermarket, Carrefour aimed to increase awareness with a younger audience around a brand new and exciting activation happening in-store. Where else to achieve this en masse than TikTok, the creative destination for the world’s digital natives?

The Solution

Carrefour created a clever and interactive campaign called "Scan and Dance," using TikTok’s highly-engaging TopView format. Collaborating with popular Creator Steffi Mercie (500,000+ followers), it encouraged shoppers to scan free wrapping paper in local hypermarkets to discover TikTok’s coolest dances.

TopView itself is not thumb-stopping, it’s show-stopping. Dominating and filling the whole screen upon opening the app, it autoplays with the sound on and grabs attention. Alongside huge user engagement, it also provides the ability to link to internal or external landing pages. This ad led the community to Carrefour’s website. Eye-catching and set to a trendy soundtrack, the ad stood out and teased a few of Steffi’s dances – and the mechanic of scanning wrapping paper was also unique, encouraging playful, in-store engagement.

The Results

The campaign drove 3.2 million video views and 3.5+ million impressions, reaching millions of users, and achieved an impressive click-through rate of 24.72%, showing that the TikTok community went on to find out more. The ad’s engagement rate hit 24.80%, meaning that users everywhere enjoyed the content and interacted with the idea. That’s no surprise – this community loves a good dance.

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