Capri Sun

Capri Sun

Driving mass awareness to promote new Capri-Sun & bubbles to a new Gen Z audience.

The Objective

Capri-Sun is the fruit juice drink loved in over 100 countries, filling families with childhood nostalgia that spans generations. In 2019, it sought to reach Gen Z with a new sparkling product range, Capri-Sun & bubbles. To reach any new audience effectively, brands must go where they go. So Capri-Sun partnered with TikTok, adored by millions of Gen Z digital natives, to promote its new product in the palm of their hands.

The Solution

TikTok’s Brand Premium In-Feed Ad provided the ideal format to get Capri-Sun & bubbles in front of Gen Z in short, sharp bursts of high exposure. The ad is guaranteed to run within the first ads a user sees and next to the most premium content. It runs natively in the For You feed, targeting users with an organic and subtle presence as they scroll.

The creative was designed to pop, disrupting the feed with vibrant, bright colours, pacey music and eye-catching product placement being drunk by Gen Z models. Because this is a brand well-known and loved by so many, when a new product like this drops, it captures attention. Keeping the product placed front and centre of the ad plays to this strength, making it the hero of the creative and leaving users with a memorable impression of the can. 

The Results

The campaign, designed together with Mediaplus, one of Europe’s leading independent media agencies, exceeded all expectations. The ads garnered a 6.68% view-through rate to 100% completion, alongside a 4.78% engagement rate. The final call to action, which amassed an impressive 1.41% click-through rate, led to a product page with more information about Capri-Sun & bubbles. All of the campaign's results surpassed their benchmarks.

“The Capri-Sun Bubbles Campaign was developed in direct collaboration with the Gen Z audience, to make sure we hit the right tonality. In 2019, we were one of the first brands to choose TikTok as our primary media channel to directly reach Gen Z,” said Julia Straschil, Global Brand Director Capri-Sun AG. “At Capri-Sun, we use the test-learn-adapt approach to be as efficient and effective as possible in our media and communication strategy. Our 2019 results motivated us to increase our 2020 investment into an optimised campaign – which proved to be the right move, looking at the excellent results.”

Perhaps even more impressive were the campaign’s MOAT results, a measure of the ads viewability and data accuracy. Of all impressions, only 8.2% counted as invalid traffic, meaning 91.8% were real, valid views. The ads also had an 83.42% completion quality and an average ad length of 10.22 seconds.

“We were really happy to make a first mover campaign on the platform together with Capri-Sun and TikTok,” said Florian Aumiller, Consultant & Planner at Mediaplus.

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