Camille Brinch Jewellery

Camille Brinch Jewellery

Helping leading jewellery brand reach new audiences across Denmark ahead of Black Friday

The Objective

Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year when it comes to advertising and generating sales – so it’s no surprise that Camille Brinch Jewellery wanted to make a big impact with their latest Black Friday campaign. The brand came to TikTok to capture the attention of thousands of people across Denmark, by running an enticing discount campaign that happens only twice a year. The campaign treated their customers by giving away a restricted amount of unique limited edition jewellery with all orders made on Black Friday. 

The Solution

Together with their agency s360, Camille Brinch Jewellery created a series of engaging In-Feed Auction Ads explaining their irresistible Black Friday campaign. Totally native and 100% authentic, the videos saw founder Camille Brinch and popular creators explain that – for every Black Friday purchase – customers would get a limited edition piece of jewellery for free with their order. The creators explained the concept behind the campaign and showcased the products in the ads, which then generated leads that could be used in next steps of their strategy. These videos gave the brand a chance to showcase its products and speak directly to the TikTok community. Switching up the creative and trialing communication tactics allowed Camille Brinch to gather learnings that could be applied to future campaigns.

The Results

Together with their agency partner, s360, Camille Brinch Jewellery were able to execute their lead strategy on several channels, but the results on TikTok were exceptional. The campaign generated close to 34,000 leads, via the website, on their limited list, but the TikTok Conversion Ads contributed over 11,000 of these leads and almost 9,000 purchase-ready permissions. Overall, the ads on TikTok also saw a 30% higher click through rate when compared to other channels. 

Products Used
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“The performance from TikTok blew me away right from the start. After getting more than 11,000 leads from TikTok, we're seeing the average order value and conversion rate from these matching the value seen from more established social media platforms – but we're only paying half the price on TikTok. We're also seeing much higher engagement rates on our ads compared to other platforms. TikTok has for sure been our ‘little secret’ at Camille Brinch for a while now.”
Daniel Brinch, CEO
Camille Brinch Jewellery