Increasing user numbers for an Indonesian fintech firm with App Event Optimization

The Objective

With more than 6.5 million registered merchants across 750 Indonesian cities, local fintech BukuWarung has one goal in mind—to help its country’s nearly 60 million-strong micro-merchant sector go digital. Its game plan? Providing key services such as digital payments, inventory management, bulk transactions and an e-commerce platform amongst many others.

Increasing its user numbers was a top priority and turning to TikTok meant BukuWarung could keep cost per acquisition low while reaching out to the masses in an innovative and seamless way.

The Solution

While utilizing TikTok Ads Manager's App Install objective helped BukuWarung drive users to install its app, shifting to App Event Optimization allowed it to efficiently target users who have a greater chance of triggering a certain event—which in this case was "Subscribe." This helped BukuWarung increase its conversions significantly and lower its CPA by 77%.

To bolster the performance of its campaign, BukuWarung used audience lists from its Mobile Measurement Partner, Appsflyer, to efficiently identify existing installers and apply audience exclusion across all active ad groups. Narrowing down on the right demographic allowed it to maximise its ads in a cost-effective manner.

The Results

A key factor of this success was having BukuWarung experiment with different branded solutions and identify the tool that delivered the best results, allowing it to achieve an increase of 57 times in acquisitions and a reduction of 77% in CPA.

Using AEO allowed it to quickly adapt to changing user needs and scale its campaign accordingly. This meant identifying and connecting with the right audience demographic efficiently and seamlessly, resulting in a stellar campaign perfromance. Beyond helping merchants take their operations online, BukuWarung is also ensuring that it thrives in the digital sphere thanks to smart, intuitive ads.

Products Used
TikTok For Business


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