BoomHits 'Shoe Race'

BoomHits 'Shoe Race'

Generating installs and awareness in the US market

The Objective

BoomHits is a newly opened publishing division of Polish mobile game developer BoomBit. "Shoe Race," BoomHit‘s latest hit in partnership with Cappuccino Games LLC in Turkey, hit No. 1 in 11 countries worldwide, including the US, and was top 10 in 40 countries.

"Shoe Race" scaled to No. 1 very quickly due to its great looking gameplay, playability and being popular among female gamers. However it was TikTok that played a vital role in the game hitting the top spot.

The goal was simple—generate as many installs and impressions as possible in the US market, while maintaining a low CPI cost.

The Solution

BoomHits decided to run an In-Feed Ads campaign, purchased via TikTok's auction platform. This allowed the brand to not only optimize its assets with smart optimization tools (saving time and money), but also build up scale while maintaining a very low CPI. The winning creative for "Shoe Race" iOS started with CPI as low as $0.11 and managed to keep the overall CPI to $0.15 for US. While the second highest-performing creative, which was optimised through the TikTok library, managed to be the biggest campaign spender with overall CPI of $0.20 for the US.

Of course BoomHits didn’t stop there, as it started opening campaigns with localized ads in France, Spain, Korea, Brazil and Mexico, where it used localized language versions of the best creatives. This resulted in reduced CPI by approximately 50% vs ads without local language.

The Results

The results were truly impressive, with more than 103.5 million total Impressions, 3.0 million clicks and 1.4 million conversions. "Shoe Race" also reached No. 1 in the US iOS charts within a week of starting the campaign. TikTok's smart optimization tools empowered BoomHits to create custom localized ads all by themselves, which saved significant time and money.

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“Partnering with TikTok so early in the launching cycle of Shoe Race allowed us to access the perfect audience for this game. All we had to do was to adapt our creatives to the modern audience, match them with current TikTok trends and the users' response was unbelievable.”
Goncalo Martins, Head of Marketing