BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad

Helping BMW Motorrad launch of its latest motorbike to TikTok users across Germany.

The Objective

BMW Motorrad, wanted to reach a wider German audience with the latest version of one of their most popular bikes – the BMW S 1000 R. To do it, they launched an engaging campaign titled ‘Awaken The Daredevil’, and came to TikTok for help to spread the word.

The Solution

BMW Motorrad worked with two agencies (LOBECO and Tillmann Brothers for conception, shooting and creative creation as well as CROSSMEDIA for media strategy and planning) to create a visually stunning video to be deployed as a One Day Max In-Feed Ad. The ad had dynamic, attention-grabbing effects paired with beautiful product shots and a unique soundtrack to complete the immersive experience of the video.

Sound-on and full screen, One Day Max In-Feed Ads appear natively at the top of a user’s personalised ‘For You’ feed alongside other user-generated content, and feature 100% SOV for brands and a short description or call to action. They dominate the screen when and where it matters most, in the palm of the hand, right at the start of a user’s journey.

A call to action then directed users to BMW Motorrad’s TikTok profile, where more great content from the brand could be explored.

The Results

The BMW Motorrad ad ran for just one day, but in that short time amassed some truly impressive results. Reaching more than 1.6 million users, the video generated over 1.8 million video views, with a click-through rate of 1.91%, and a watch time per video well above the benchmark. BMW Motorrad also saw an increase of 25,000 new followers to their TikTok profile in the time the campaign was live.

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