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The Objective

In the hypercompetitive beauty industry in Thailand, brands have to think ahead to stay ahead. For local skincare company BM Collagen, this meant having a strong social media presence, especially since much of its sales are based on recommendations. But when it became clear that its existing advertising strategy wasn't performing, the brand had to act quickly. TikTok was a natural alternative, given that it was gaining popularity among millions of Thais.

The Solution

The onset of Covid-19 also hurt the company’s business and emphasised the growing importance of selling through digital channels and e-commerce. BM Collagen tapped into TikTok’s Back-to-Business Programme — a one-time ad credit worth $300 USD — to test out TikTok’s In-Feed Ads.

BM Collagen developed ads that revolved around the idea of authentic and personal video creative. To build a brand narrative, the brand encouraged followers to take videos of themselves opening and using BM Collagen’s beauty supplements. This gave users a personal stake in the brand and created memorable experiences worthy of being passed from consumer to consumer. BM Collagen also used their video assets of someone unboxing the supplements.

Reaching a wider consumer base was easy thanks to the simple, eye-catching and engaging video creatives. Using video filters and filming shoots outdoors also allowed BM Collagen to underscore its pastel and whimsical appeal. To arouse attention and make the brand easier to recall, they incorporated music into the ads.

The ability to quickly create new ads also meant that the brand could frequently refresh ad creative, ensuring the videos stayed fresh and engaging for viewers.

The Results

The interactive nature of the videos coupled with the local appeal drove significant success, and BM Collagen continued advertising after spending their $300 USD Back-To-Business credit. In just two months of spending on TikTok, sales grew by almost 200%. Their ad drove strong consumer attention, with over 361,000 clicks, and an impressive 57 million impressions.

This success was partly thanks to TikTok’s Pixel, which allowed the brand to measure campaign performance, optimise ad delivery and build audiences based on online behaviour.

The strong flow of traffic resulted in a surge in the number of queries on the company’s LINE account, one of the company’s key platforms for social commerce sales. That, in turn, also boosted sales.

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