Attracting skincare fans ahead of the holiday season.

The Objective

Bioré is a pore-focused face care brand with a mission to make high quality, affordable skincare products that provide a variety of skincare benefits. Driven by the brand's Japanese heritage, and with technology rooted in science, Bioré takes a no-nonsense approach to fight smarter, not harder--while having a little bit of fun along the way!

Leading up to the holiday season, Bioré turned to TikTok to raise awareness of their iconic Pore Strips product offering among a younger audience. With online skincare communities flocking to TikTok to share tips, regimes and product reviews, it was the perfect platform for Bioré to find new fans.

The Solution

To drive maximum awareness of their hero product, Bioré Pore Strips, Bioré ran a strategic mix of TikTok In-Feed Ads products, which appear as native-style TikTok videos within the For You feed.The campaign creative showed close-up shots of blackheads on a pore strip, in a nod to the #oddlysatisfying genre of content popular on TikTok.

In order to open with a splash, the campaign was launched with a OneDayMax placement, a full-day, premium video format that appears in the fourth position of the For You feed for a full day. A further three weeks of In-Feed Ads gave longevity to the campaign, with an ongoing Brand Premium placement which kept the campaign among the top 130 videos each day.

The Brand Premium In-Feed Ads also allowed Bioré to join a beta trial of OpenSlate's brand safety solution, a new integration enabling brands to feel comfortable and confident that their ads are served alongside brand safe content.

The Results

Bioré's Pore Strips campaign was well-received by the TikTok community, achieving more than 4.3 million impressions - of which over 98% were verified by OpenSlate as brand safe. The campaign videos also achieved 3.07% view-through rate and 3.7 seconds average watch time.

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