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Building awareness for a traditional B2B brand in collaboration with a TikTok creator.

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The Objective

BiGDUG is the UK’s leading shelving, racking and storage specialists and when the pandemic hit swiftly geared their focus towards a more domestic audience. Traditionally a commercial supplier for large and medium sizes enterprises, BIGDUG saw the boom of home renovation and organisation during lockdown and jumped on the opportunity to target home start-ups and DIY enthusiasts, who were in need of simplified storage solutions. Now the challenge was letting the market know.

The Solution

BiGDUG saw an opportunity to use popular TikTok creators to spread the word. At first, BIGDUG didn't have a clear vision about how to select the right creators to collaborate with, but when it found the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM), everything became clear and easy.

TCM's easy-to-use creator search page helps brands browse, filter, and then find exactly the creators they are looking for. In this case, after checking out the detailed profile of a popular creator named @TheP00lGuy (Miles), BIGDUG found that his trade content and style really fit the brands needs, and it would be easy to seamlessly weave its brand content into his videos. After submitting a brief and budget, TheP00lGuy confirmed his interest, followed by a brief back-and-forth on TCM to discuss the direction of the collaborative videos.

BiGDUG wanted to focus on authentic collaboration, so it simply asked TheP00lGuy to continue making the same type of videos that his audience loves, but with BiGDUG's products dropped in. For this campaign, the brand sent him some shelves and boxes to help with his day-to-day job and to work into his usual content.

The Result

The results were exceptional, the video not only helped leverage BIGDUG'S brand but kept the creator's core authenticity intact. When the ad went live, it was an instant hit - 1.5 million people watched TheP00lGuy’s video, driving 152,900 likes. The brand was equally excited about the engagement rate of 10.19%. This drove a huge uplift in TikTok followers and clicks to the website.

And TCM's powerful reporting tools allowed BiGDUG to easily measure the impact of the post and gain insights for future campaigns. All in all, the brand was very pleased with the outcome. So much so that BiGDUG decided to keep working with TheP00lGuy for four more times.

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