Berocca ®

Berocca ®

Strengthening associations of a Multivitamin & Mineral Health Supplement with Energy Boosting in Vietnam.

The Objective

Berocca®, a popular effervescent tablet brand of Bayer, sought to refresh its brand image with consumers in the Vietnam market by emphasizing on the energy-boosting benefits of Berocca® Performance Mango. The challenge however, was changing the existing perception of Berocca® Performance, which was thought of as health supplement for reducing stress and tiredness, to a daily energy and alertness booster. To generate sizeable awareness that would kickstart this goal, the team chose TikTok as a platform and launched its first ever Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Solution

If there’s any time that you need an extra hit of energy, it’s right around 2PM when you start to experience the afternoon slump. Fittingly, Berocca® wanted to tie this hour to its Berocca® Performance Mango drink so that when 2PM rolls around and the inevitable fatigue sets in, the first energy supplement that comes to mind is Berocca® Performance.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge is fun and exciting, similar to the jolt of energy you feel from an energy booster. With a clear synergy between TikTok and the brand, Berocca® Performance launched the #BeroccaMango2PM Hashtag Challenge, inviting participants to join the #BeroccaMango2PM dance set to hip and catchy music.

To reach as much of Vietnam’s TikTok community as possible, Berocca® supported the campaign with a combination of branded solutions including Brand Takeover and In-Feed Ads, along with a banner ad and featured spot on the Discover tab's trending hashtag list. To generate an initial wave of organic excitement for #BeroccaMango2PM, Berocca® also collaborated with both celebrities and popular TikTok creators in Vietnam.

Berocca® Performance Mango sets itself up to succeed from the get-go, making sure that audiences felt the instant jolt of energy when watching the Branded Hashtag Challenge. From a memorable combination of fittingly over-the-top, bright green visuals used throughout the campaign, to a fun and energetic dance style that used gestures referencing “2PM” and the act of drinking Berocca® , viewers wanted more.

Berocca®’s stunning green brand color was also used throughout its official videos, profile pictures, banners and more, leaving a subtle yet lasting impression ensuring that Berocca® Performance Mango was easily recognizable by sight and sound.

The Result

With 248 million total video views, Berocca® Performance's campaign exceeded expectations. The on-brand creatives, reinforcement of the brand with the use of green colors, and the catchy branded song drove 70,000 people to join in on the fun, leading to a total of 14 million engagements. This campaign gave Berocca® Performance Mango the makeover it needed, from a health supplement for reducing stress and tiredness to an exciting energy boosting brand for daily use.

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