Reaching millions with a bold auction strategy for a new brow product

The Objective

Benefit Cosmetics’ new Brow Microfilling Eyebrow Pen was a big launch for the brand and they wanted to draw awareness across a wide audience of beauty enthusiasts on TikTok. The challenge: Make it cost efficient by beating a $4 CPM benchmark they’d achieved on other platforms.

The Solution

The beauty brand launched a series of In-Feed Ads through our auction platform, TikTok Ads Manager, and used the Reach objective to scale the campaign. Benefit tested three creative concepts simultaneously to determine which performed best: one native video from a TikTok creator showing how to achieve bold eyebrows, one featuring beauty influencer Patrick Starr, and one branded video showcasing close-ups of the product in action. The brand also ran a Brand Lift Study to measure brand awareness and ad recall after the campaign.

The Results

The brand's auction strategy was a success, reaching and engaging millions of people. Each of the brand’s creatives played into a natively TikTok style, driving massive engagement and conversions that allowed the brand to hit a better CPM than their goal.

The Brand Lift Study also showed strong ad recall. While brand awareness was proven to be strong via the Brand Lift Study, Benefit plans to introduce more branding elements in future campaigns to reinforce the master brand.

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