Increasing brand awareness for its recyclable paper packaging in Italy with its famous bakery brand, Mulino Bianco.

The Objective

An Italian multinational food company set on bringing wellbeing and the joy of eating into people’s lives around the world, Barilla S.p.A is a household favourite in Italy. It aimed to raise brand awareness for its biscuit packaging made of recyclable paper with digital natives in Italy using its famous bakery brand, Mulino Bianco.

The Solution

To raise its brand awareness in Italy on TikTok, Barilla knew it needed to be creative – after all, this is what the TikTok community loves about the platform: a fierce and vibrant creativity across the entire feed. Barilla delivered "Cart Attack," a web video series encouraging users to get creative and crafty using the biscuit wrapper from popular bakery brand Mulino Bianco.

To get the message across, it used four Brand Premium In-Feed Ads that showed italian “Art Attacker” host Giovanni Muciaccia presenting his crafts and encouraging you to join in. Barilla ran a new ad every week of the campaign. Brand Premium In-Feed Ads runs natively in the For You feed, strategically positioned to feel organic and generate engagement whilst delivering a big hit of exposure. But it also gets displayed very early on and next to the most premium content in the feed, within the first 100 videos a user sees.

The Results

The results smashed benchmarks, generating a 5.98% engagement rate and showing that the TikTok community enjoyed the concept. The inclusion of popular biscuit brand Mulino Bianco was also key, appealing to the audience’s taste. The suite of ads went on to deliver a 1.78% click-through rate too, showing that users went on to explore Barilla's range of products.

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