AC Milan & Skrill

AC Milan & Skrill

Promoting the services of AC Milan's payment sponsor, Skrill, through a fun and engaging Hashtag Challenge.

The Objective

AC Milan is a professional football club in Milan, Italy, founded in 1899. Occupying the top flight of Italian football for most of its history, the club is known as one of the most successful in the world – 18 Italian League Titles and 7 Champions League Titles to their name. To promote the services of AC Milan's Premium Partner - the global payments app, Skrill - they came to TikTok to spark a viral moment amongst our Italian community.

The Solution

The AC Milan #TAPANDMOVE Branded Hashtag Challenge was launched on TikTok to promote the services of the team’s Premium Partner, Skrill - a payment app that lets users transfer money quickly and securely in a few taps from their smartphone.

The campaign was launched with the help of five AC Milan players and two AC Milan legends, who each recorded videos of themselves taking part in the challenge. Just like the Skrill app, a simple tap on their smartphone had a surprisingly powerful effect – triggering the movement of objects, transformation of outfits, and much more.

The player videos were then used in three further TikTok ad solutions to boost the campaign and encourage the community to get involved. A catchy audio clip also soundtracked the videos, adding to the immersive feel of the challenge. 

AC Milan supported the Hashtag Challenge with a series of TopView, In-Feed Brand Premium and a One Day Max In-Feed Ads, all of which drove users to the central challenge page.

After the success of the Hashtag Challenge, AC Milan ran a selection of In-Feed Ads in order to raise awareness of Skrill and its services.

The Results

Lasting for five days between 27 December 2020 – 1 January 2021, the AC Milan Branded Hashtag Challenge successfully drew thousands of young people across Italy to engage with and share the campaign, resulting in a huge amount of publicity for the club’s sponsor, and a great deal of engagement for the club itself.

Almost 300,000 user videos were created during the campaign, with an incredible 353 million Hashtag Challenge video views recorded. The accompanying TikTok ad platforms also performed well, driving thousands of young people to the campaign.

The #TAPANDMOVE challenge clearly demonstrated the benefit of a clear and easy-to-follow campaign, which ultimately led to a mini movement formed around authentic experiences for our millions of users – all while generating remarkable levels of targeted Gen Z and millennial exposure for both Skrill and the club.

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