Inspiring countless Ramadan dinner tables while building the brand attribute of affordability

The Objective

In Turkey, the month of Ramadan represents a massive peak in sales across all industries—and most significantly, within the food retail industry, as families gather around a table full of homemade food every night. For this significant time of the year, A101, one of Turkey's largest discount supermarket chains, wanted to reinforce its credibility within the discount grocery store market. During this very particular Ramadan, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and while people complain about the increasing prices of all goods, A101 wanted to ensure they remained top of mind as the supermarket offering the best value for money while maintaining a good perception of their products' quality.

The Solution

Conscious of their main challenge of generating mass awareness within the busiest marketing period of the year, A101 came to TikTok. To build their credibility as the best discount supermarket during Ramadan, they sponsored a Ramadan-themed TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge —the first content sponsorship of its kind in Turkey—which aimed to harness the creativity of TikTok creators in the kitchen.

The hashtag #ŞeflerSofrası (Chefs' Table) was launched through a TopView featuring popular chef creators, who prepared Ramadan recipes using A101's private label products, while showcasing their affordability, quality, and overall value for the money. The content inspired the TikTok community to share their own recipes and participate in the campaign. The hashtag was quickly taken over by local chefs inspiring the community with their recipes made with A101 products, and users followed promptly, creating their own twist on the recipes and creating more content around the brand.

The Results

Not only did A101 exceed expectations in terms of engagement and user-generated content, the campaign helped the brand reach its initial objectives despite the tough communication landscape during Ramadan. During a highly competitive period, A101 achieved an impressive 9% lift in purchase intent, as well as a lift in brand perception of affordability (+12% lift in perception of "good offers and promotions"), and quality (+10% lift in perception of having "high quality products"), according to a Brand Lift Study.

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“Thanks to our motivation of being a pioneer and a trendsetter in social media in Turkey, we were one of the first brands to appear on TikTok. On all platforms, we are competing with ourselves, and our purpose on TikTok is to maintain our success and produce valuable and authentic content for our customers to enjoy.”
Yeliz Yahşi Bilgiç, head of Communications