Driving snack-lovers to follow 4BRO on TikTok, while increasing brand awareness, love and loyalty

The Objective

4BRO, a newcomer brand targeting Gen Z and Millennials with popular drinks and snacks such as Bubble Gum Ice Tea and Broji Balls, is making waves in the snacks sector by doing things differently. Maximising awareness is top of its agenda for now, with TikTok a key channel for reaching its target market and increasing its follower base rapidly.

The Solution

4BRO is used to being the first at things, so it adopted TikTok’s newest ad solution, Spark Ads, to achieve its mission. 4BRO’s marketing content on social media proudly stands out, inviting reaction on popular topics to drive organic engagement with a “different and cheeky” tone. In this case, the creative idea centred around an internal meeting that breaks out into dance, showing the brand’s creative streak and affinity for breaking the mould.

Spark Ads is a native ad format that allows businesses to promote their own popular content or the content of other creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads. The ads offer a swathe of interactive features, including the ability to follow the creator using the “+” button or swipe left to visit their profile, and a call-to-action button that leads to an external landing page for maximum ROI. 

The result is a deeper connection with the consumer, leading to increased followers and higher acquisition. In this case, 4BRO boosted its own native post, leading viewers back to its profile page so they could follow the brand. 

The Results

Simple but effective, the Spark Ads brought the goods, driving a 345% increase in follower count over a period of just one month (4BRO’s TikTok profile now stands at around 294,000 followersand the business only launched in April 2020). It also drove over 11 million impressions, sparking curiosity in the For You feed and converting thousands of snack-lovers into 4BRO fans.

Products Used
TikTok For Business


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TikTok For Business


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TikTok For Business

In-Feed Ads

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