Samsung's #VideoSnapChallenge on TikTok wraps up as a smashing success


Samsung's #VideoSnapChallenge on TikTok wraps up as a smashing success

May 11, 2021

The #VideoSnapChallenge campaign, created in collaboration with TikTok and Samsung, has been hailed as a massive success for fans and content creators alike, generating unique content along with huge participation and plenty of fun for everyone involved. Samsung's campaign, one of the largest ever carried out on TikTok, successfully showcased the amazing 8K Video Snap feature on Samsung's new Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.
#VideoSnapChallenge ran in 14 markets around the world for nine days from February 25th to March 5th, 2021. More than 6.5 million pieces of content were created by over 4.3 million users using the campaign hashtag, generating an incredible 14.8 billion views during that time. Engagement numbers were equally impressive, with 2.1 million likes, shares and comments, and page views of 57 million. Additionally, more than 100 top TikTok creators from 14 countries shared their own #VideoSnapChallenge videos, including Sean Sotaridona (@seandoesmagic).


#VideoSnapChallenge is giving you 3x The Magic with @samsung on my #GalaxyS21. Show what you do with 3 of you! #SamsungPartner #TeamGalaxy #withGalaxy

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"We are very excited to have run the Samsung #VideoSnapChallenge, which was one of the biggest global campaigns for TikTok. The campaign results show that the global TikTok community fully engaged with the Video Snap feature," said Seungyeon Kim, General Manager, Global Business Solutions at TikTok.

The campaign started as the Galaxy S21 was being put into the hands of consumers earlier this year. An invitation was sent out through TikTok, along with three teaser videos that got the internet buzzing about the launch of the latest Galaxy smartphone. Users were asked to show off their creativity and capture three poses in one continuous movement with a bespoke Branded Effect that showcased Samsung's 8K Video Snap feature. Users then uploaded their videos on TikTok with the hashtag #VideoSnapChallenge.


"Samsung believes in open collaboration and it was a great opportunity to work with TikTok on this campaign to highlight how our creative Galaxy users and content creators can benefit from the new 8K Video Snap feature on the S21," said Jung Suh, Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. "The #VideoSnapChallenge campaign demonstrates once again the incredible passion of our Galaxy users. We can't wait to see what they will create next.”


The 8K Video Snap feature is available on the Galaxy flagship smartphones including the Galaxy S21 series, Note20 series and S20 series. The feature offers a new level of video recording, with resolution (7680x4320 pixels) that surpasses 4K UHD by four times. It's gives users the ability to pull incredibly sharp, high-resolution still photos from their videos so you can focus on creating great content without switching between camera modes.


Each frame of the 8K video captured on a Galaxy smartphone is a 33MP still, and 8K Video Snap allows you to scrub the timeline of your video, find the right moment, and snap the frame. Either capture an 8K video or select one you've already captured from your gallery and find the moment you want to turn into a still. And you can get creative with funny outtakes or capture a special moment, making it into your own TikTok video.


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