Time Well Spent: Users on TikTok stay longer, engage often & feel happier

August 30, 2021
Users around the world agree that the time they spend on TikTok is “time well spent.” They come for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired.
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Time is the most precious resource we have: It’s finite, non-renewable and never guaranteed. Spending your time well creates a deep sense of satisfaction and joy, and that’s exactly what people are experiencing on TikTok.

Users around the world agree that the time they spend on TikTok is “time well spent.” They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired. People love the positive experience that our platform provides, so they scroll longer and dive deeper. They’re more attentive and engaged. TikTok’s feel-good vibes prompt users to take action, from participating in hashtag challenges to exploring new ideas and products.

Time well spent isn’t just worthwhile for the user, it’s also incredibly valuable for brands who want to tap into the TikTok community and reach a motivated global audience. Dig into the data with us and discover why TikTok is such a gratifying experience for our users—and why they’re so driven to participate.

Spending time on TikTok

How do people feel about the time they spend on TikTok? Leading data and insights firm Kantar conducted a research study in March 2021 with TikTok users in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Indonesia. The results of its Marketing Science Global Time Well Spent report were fascinating:

TikTok is taking “share of clock” away from other entertainment activities. Users are spending more time on TikTok and less time on other diversions like watching TV, listening to podcasts, streaming videos, reading, news, social media and dating apps.

People give TikTok their undivided attention. TikTok’s captivating videos keep our audience logged in, interacting with each other, and looking for more fun. Even better: We have their undivided attention as they watch one video after another, especially compared to competing platforms.

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Scrolling TikTok solo motivates users to learn something new. People flock to TikTok to watch great videos and follow TikTok Creators—but they also come to find inspiration and education, particularly when they’re cruising the app on their own. From new recipes to trendy looks and DIY projects, TikTokers love to expand their horizons and discover new ideas during solo time.

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Viewing TikTok with friends and family inspires co-creation. TikTok’s everybody-join-in culture takes center stage when people scroll through the platform with their friends or family. Participation and collaboration become the primary focus as users dive into trends and hashtag challenges or create original videos to post.

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How time on TikTok affects audience behavior

Spending your time well makes you feel good. But what does this mean for brands? Kantar’s study also looked at the connection between time spent on TikTok with consumer feelings and even more importantly: actions.

TikTok is a total mood booster.  People turn to TikTok to feel a bit happier and take a break from reality with entertaining videos and creative inspiration. Across all markets, the top three positive feelings consistently associated with TikTok are happiness, joy, and creativity. And because people enjoy their time on the platform so much, they want to spend even more time on TikTok in the future.

TikTok prompts people to act. It’s no secret that TikTok is a lot of fun. Users find a constant stream of joyful entertainment, liberating creativity, and endless inspiration that’s tailored just for them. It’s a positive experience that primes people to join in the fun and take action— and for brands, TikTok’s proactive population can have a huge effect.

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Generation Z is leading the charge

No one is more engaged on TikTok than Generation Z (those born after 1996). And in some markets, like the US, Canada, and Europe—Gen Z is driving the most off-app purchase on TikTok. Our platform is a perfect match for this active, creative, let’s-join-the-fun generation—and for the brands that cater to them.

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Time on TikTok is time well spent

TikTokers are spending more and more of their valuable time on the platform for a simple reason: they love it. TikTok makes people happier with joyful moments that inspire and entertain. Instead of watching TV or streaming videos elsewhere, users are hanging out on our app—and we have their undivided attention. This deep level of engagement motivates the TikTok community to take action, create content, and discover new things to learn and share.

TikTok is a positive, uplifting experience—and when brands connect with this feeling of happiness and “time well spent,” their message can resonate with audiences around the world. With user-friendly tools and a slew of resources for small businesses, TikTok provides an exciting new world where brands can grow, get results and join us on our mission to spark creativity and joy.