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TikTok World: Introducing Smart Performance Campaign

October 18, 2022
Optimize performance and scale campaigns with our new end-to-end automation solution.
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TikTok is home to a community that is immersed, engaged and ready to take action.

We're here to help brands grow into the next era of performance marketing with an audience that is reimagining creativity and real connections with a full and growing suite of performance solutions, allowing marketers to connect with the right audiences, drive business growth, and deliver real value back that meets your marketing objectives.

Today, we're excited to announce the newest solution in our performance suite—Smart Performance Campaign.

Smart Performance Campaign is our first end to end automation solution that leverages machine learning to optimize for best performance and marketing goals. In order to reach the right people and maximize results, Smart Performance Campaign is designed to run performance campaigns at scale, while reducing the number of manual steps to drive results.

It's completely hands off, with minimum input needed from advertisers to get started. Through leveraging machine learning, getting started with Smart Performance Campaign is as easy as it sounds. All you need is a marketing objective, budget, country, and creative assets to get started.

Smart Performance Campaign is a great solution for advertisers who are:

  • New to TikTok to test general performance with little time and effort required

  • Enterprise or SMB advertisers who do not have hands-on campaign management resources

  • Highly performance-oriented advertisers who are looking for further optimized performance

  • Gaming advertisers who are launching new titles

Early tests are showing real results for advertisers using Smart Performance Campaign. In early tests for app promotion campaigns, over 80% of Smart Performance Campaigns outperformed manually set up campaigns.

One of our early adopters, Bolt, took part in testing Smart Performance Campaign to see how it performed in boosting acquisition of new riders in South Africa.

Bolt ran a 14-day A/B test campaign with Smart Performance Campaign that lowered CPA by 27% and generated 40% more purchase actions. To continue the success, Bolt has rolled out Smart Performance Campaign across additional markets including the UK, Spain, Sweden, Romania, and Portugal.

Smart Performance Campaign will be globally available for Android App Promotion campaigns at the end of the month, with more to come later this year for iOS and Website Campaigns. Please contact your TikTok partner if you wish to participate in testing.

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