TikTok partners with LiveRamp to enable brands to reach customers safely and securely


TikTok partners with LiveRamp to enable brands to reach customers safely and securely

April 07, 2021


When brands show up on TikTok, they are encouraged to create a home and embrace the values the community celebrates. Brands are joining in and creating content that reaches their community in authentic ways, and more importantly, they inspire creators and the community to co-create with them. Our goal is to help brands reach the people they care about in a creative and meaningful way while also respecting the privacy of our users.
Today, we are announcing a partnership withLiveRamp,the leading data connectivity platform, for TikTok's audience integration. This will enable partners and advertisers using LiveRamp to connect their customer data to TikTok for audience targeting in the US market in a privacy-first way.
TikTok's advertisers with existing relationships with LiveRamp can create personal, relevant and consistent brand moments to deliver value and transform their customer experiences. Through this partnership, advertisers can confidently connect data while keeping their audiences at the center of their media investment on TikTok, both from a privacy and a marketing perspective.
While we strive to help brands reach the community in meaningful ways and measure the impact and value of the platform, we continue to be transparent about our data privacy practices including educating our community about their privacy options on ourSafety Center.We look to further safeguard our user's privacy and build a personalized experience that offers our community meaningful choices over the data they share and with whom.  

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