TikTok expands ad viewability measurement through a collaboration with Oracle Moat


TikTok expands ad viewability measurement through a collaboration with Oracle Moat

June 29, 2021

As we’ve seen time and time again, brands play an important role in the TikTok experience. With content that inspires joy, creativity and engagement, users on TikTok enjoy engaging with the brands they love in creative ways. In a recent survey,61% of TikTok usersfelt that advertising on TikTok is unique from other top social and video platforms; and about half of users said they discover new products through advertisements posted by a brand.


As brands continue to grow on TikTok, we want to ensure we’re continuing to provide the tools they need to reach consumers, optimize campaigns, and measure success. Verification is a critical part of our measurement framework and we’re consistently evaluating our products, solutions and partnerships to enable brands to feel confident about their investment on TikTok. We’re excited to introduce new solutions today that will help TikTok advertisers measure viewability from their brand campaigns with the integration of Oracle Moat Analytics through the TikTok ads platform.


With this integration, Oracle Moat will deliver advanced measurement capabilities to brand partners advertising across TikTok’s global platform and enable them to measure ad viewability, invalid traffic, and attention. This integration will allow advertisers to validate that their campaigns have been seen by real people, so they can measure and improve the outcomes from those campaigns.


“TikTok's immersive, short-form videos give brands a platform to participate and engage with a community known for its creativity, authenticity and joy," said Blake Chandlee, President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok. “As our advertising solutions scale and evolve, we're continuously building for the future and aiming to meet the growing needs of our brand partners. The integration of Oracle Moat’s industry-leading measurement capabilities into the TikTok platform gives our advertisers the validation and confidence they need to know their campaigns are reaching real people and driving the desired results.”

“TikTok is changing the game for short-form mobile content, and Oracle Moat is proud to be the first measurement provider integrated with the platform, helping advertisers measure and improve consumer attention for their campaigns,” said Mark Kopera, head of product for Oracle Moat. “Our trusted measurement and analytics capabilities give brands and agencies the confidence to go all-in on exciting and powerful new platforms like TikTok, and we look forward to helping TikTok continue to extend the value of its platform to advertisers worldwide.”


Brands are excited for the opportunity to build a presence on TikTok and connect with our diverse and creative community. Through native advertising formats like in-feed ads that use the immersive, short-form TikTok style or sponsored hashtag challenges that invite user participation and engagement in a brand's campaign, marketers are leveraging TikTok to take an unconventional and modern approach to marketing. As one of the world’s most popular apps, we’re thrilled to bring these solutions to our brand partners as they continue to thrive on TikTok.  


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