Build your creative skills with the TikTok Creative Sandbox

May 17, 2022
Anyone can build on TikTok from the ground up, and these are the tools and tactics that can take your brand sky high and into the viral-sphere.
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You might be wondering: What do TikTok and a sandbox have in common? Don't worry, we'll loop you in on all the granular details, but to answer your question simply: Fun. Just like building, scooping, and creating in a sandbox, TikTok is where users and Creators go to express their creativity and uniqueness and have fun while doing it, and brands should be a part of that, too. Anyone can build on TikTok from the ground up, and these are the tools and tactics that can take your brand sky high and into the viral-sphere.

First things first: Why should your brand be building?

Before we get into the nitty gritty on how to create the best content for TikTok, we want to tell you why you should.

On TikTok, entertainment is powered by our thriving communities—from #BookTok to #GamerGirls to #ShowerTok — and their dedication to creating content that's as fun as it is engaging.

So when it comes to branded content, the community is looking for this same type of entertaining and culturally relevant experience. To put it simply, people want their TikTok experience to be fun, and they pay attention to the brands that prioritize that.

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Rules of the sandbox

Now that you're eager to enter the sandbox and see its results, let's go over what to do once you're inside, and it's not the rigid rules of playgrounds' past. Rather, these are the fundamental basics that will guide you to success. When there are endless ways to create a "good" TikTok video, finding your brand's unique voice and direction is what will ultimately set you apart, and the rules are just tips and tricks to get you there.

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Source: Decision Tree Model based Ads Creative Performance Research, May – July 2021

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First-timers: Build a tower

Are you new here? Don't let that stop you. Getting started on TikTok is as easy as putting a listening ear up to the voices of users, Creators, and other brands on the platform. Listen, Rome wasn't built in a day, but they didn't have TikTok. Get inspired by the experts, tinker with the tools we've designed with brands in mind, and watch your tower-building skills reach new heights in the sandbox.

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Ready to get started? Enter the Creative Center to access the home for creative inspiration on TikTok. Let's take a look around at some of the tools we've put together with brand creativity in mind:

⭐ Utilize the Trend Discovery tool to check out what's hot in your vertical and region in real-time to align with the community's interests and creativity.

📈 Dive into how other brands are utilizing Top Ads to drive success on TikTok, and get inspired by how they're leveraging creative assets in content creation with Creative Insights.

🎶 Over 500,000 songs cleared for brands to use? That's music to our ears. Explore the Commercial Audio Library to check out what songs are trending and turning up the volume on TikTok.

🎨The creativity never ends on TikTok, and our suite of various Creative Tools are available to unleash your creativity and empower you to make the best creatives for TikTok.

Ready to level up? Build a castle

So you've been on TikTok awhile, and, at this point, you're a tower-building wiz. To level up and build a castle, it's all hands on deck. So scoot over and make some room, and watch teamwork make the dream work in the sandbox.

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TikTok Creator Marketplace

Working with Creators on TikTok is more than just a collaboration; it's learning the language of our platform that they've crafted and getting an intro to their loyal audiences, and the TikTok Creator Marketplace makes it easy for brands to find the right Creators for your next campaign. Filter through our diverse community of Creators based on their content style, location, views, and more to find your brand's new teammate.

TikTok Creative Exchange

We get it: Understanding and creating for TikTok can be hard work. That's why we've just launched our Beta phase of the TikTok Creative Exchange — a trusted group of creative partners that know the in's and out's of showing up on our platform in the best ways possible for you to work with. Partner with the best of the best for your campaign, and watch it take off all in a one-stop-shop.

We're gonna need a bigger bucket. Build a world.

We're putting all the buckets and shovels imaginable into your hands now, and the possibilities for what you can create on TikTok are endless. By thinking like a Creator and utilizing these tools, your knack for listening to our community and answering them with the entertaining content they love will make you a TikTok master.

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TikTok Video Editor

Use all the video editing tools from the app on your desktop to efficiently customize and polish your content using TikTok Video Editor.

Custom Video Templates

We've curated over 100 customizable templates that brands of all verticals and marketing objectives can use to spice up your videos through music, on-screen text, colors, and more.

Dynamic Scene

Not everything on TikTok has to start from scratch. With our Alpha phase of Dynamic Scene, AI technology works to reassemble your brand's pre-existing assets into hundreds of new variations for you to test and choose from.

Interactive Add-Ons

Incorporate clickable features into your in-feed ads like Stickers, Display Cards, Interactive Gestures, and more to spark engagement that drives real results.

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Now that you're well-versed in how the sandbox works, we'll leave you to building something great. Head over to the Creative Center to get inspired for your next great TikTok video.

Please see our branded content pages for details about the branded content toggle and our policies which set out what can and can't be posted as branded content on TikTok.