TikTok and Maybelline partner to raise mental health awareness


TikTok and Maybelline partner to raise mental health awareness

June 1, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year, TikTok put a focus on creating and celebrating a community where creators feel empowered to speak candidly, support one another, and remove stigmas around mental health.


On May 1, the TikTok community joined together under the hashtag #MentalHealthAwareness to generate awareness about mental health and create a space for the community to share and support each other and remove stigmas around mental health. We also launched an in-app Mental Health Awareness hub to spotlight partner organizations doing important work, and provide helpful resources to support our community and continue to create an honest and welcoming space for people to express themselves.

With more than 3.6 billion views and counting, #MentalHealthAwareness brought together creators from across the TikTok community to spark awareness about the most common day-to-day mental health challenges like stress and social media, and share personal tips about how to improve your mental health like finding time to disconnect, exercise or meditate.


Some creators told stories about how their lives have improved since they started paying attention to their mental health, while others focused on busting myths around common mental health misconceptions and eliminating stigmas around seeking help and guidance.

Brave Together

As brands are a core part of our community, when we learned about Maybelline's Brave Together initiative, a long-term program to support mental illness, we wanted to ensure that it came to life in a big way on the platform during Mental Health Awareness Month. Brave Together provides critical one-on-one support, an online education hub, and a variety of programming to help destigmatize the conversation around mental health. The initiative has even committed to donate $10 million over the next five years to global and local organizations.


Mental Health Awareness is not something that should be focused on for just one month. TikTok is a place where these important conversations are celebrated year-round, and we aim to continue to support leading non-profit organizations that provide direct support and action for our community.


ClickHEREto learn more about Maybelline's Brave Together initiative.

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