The Glow Up: Welcome to #BeautyTok


The Glow Up: Welcome to #BeautyTok

April 30, 2021

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Welcome to a brave new world of beauty where flaws are embraced, makeup is entertainment, and acne-positivity has its own hashtag. The creators of TikTok are changing the beauty game by championing self-love in a safe space where supporting others is the new cute—and everyone’s invited.

Empowering. Confident. Unapologetic. Beauty has a fresh new glow on TikTok. For brands, the platform is a bridge to connect with a beauty-loving audience that can’t be found anywhere else.

What makes beauty on TikTok special?

TikTok gives people a casual, comfortable canvas where they can express their true selves and have fun. Its unique beauty landscape is buzzing with an active, highly engaged community that has a different approach to looking good and feeling good:
💋 Perfection is passé. Beauty used to be about looking perfect: perfectly airbrushed, perfectly filtered, perfectly posed. But TikTok tribes are cultivating their own ideas about beauty, not following someone else’s opinion of perfection. Now, thanks to TikTok, beauty is all about creativity and joy.
💋 Process > results. Seeing a pretty face is nice—but discovering how someone transforms themselves to achieve that look is fascinating. Watching the process unfold brings you into the story and lets you peek behind the beauty curtain. Trends like #cloudmakeup, #fauxfreckles, and #robecurls prove that the journey matters more than the destination.
💋 Beauty is storytelling. Makeup masters and skinfluencers share their best secrets with how-to videos that foster an inclusive vibe. On TikTok, it's not just the makeup that matters the most, but the story behind it. Beauty is attainable for everyone thanks to easy-to-follow tutorials and advice with hashtags like #howtocontour, #eyeslipsface, and #browsonfleek.
💋 Skin positivity lives on TikTok. When was the last time you embraced a breakout? Skin imperfections aren’t taboo on TikTok, where all types of skin conditions are welcome. By replacing shame with self-acceptance and joining together as #acnepositive, the TikTok community are changing the narrative about acne.

💋  Trends are discovered, not adopted. Beauty on TikTok is all about finding what inspires you, not just jumping on the trend train no matter where it’s going. Whether you’re drawn to #naturalhair, #passthebrush, or #makeuphacks, you can find trends on TikTok and then make them your own.
💋  Beauty on TikTok is diverse, it’s fun, and it’s for everyone. Every TikToker gets to define beauty for themselves and celebrate it with creativity and joy. And our content is just as diverse as our community, from SFX (special effects) makeup tutorials to #unboxingvideos and virtual try-ons. There’s a beauty corner for everyone on TikTok.

What does this mean for beauty brands?

The beauty industry was already thriving in the digital space—and then COVID arrived. As the crisis took hold and #maskne became a household name, the industry saw explosive growth. People indulged in self-care and beauty rituals to boost their mood with some much-needed TLC—and they turned to TikTok as a key source of information and inspiration. We saw a 10X increase in beauty content consumption on TikTok in just one year. That’s almost 1,000%.1

But the numbers are just the beginning. On TikTok, brands can connect with their audience in a whole new way: through participation. The TikTok community becomes part of the conversation and part of your brand’s story. This desire to be part of the action drives the platform’s high levels of engagement.


Also driving engagement: TikTok creators, who have genuine relationships with their audience and with the brands they represent. They hold their favorite brands to a high standard on subjects that are close to their hearts, such as diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. Creators are the power behind the beauty community, and they’re a force to be reckoned with: just look at the 2.2 billion views on the hashtag #skincarebyhyram.

How can beauty brands show up on TikTok?

You can tap into the trendsetting power of TikTok by joining the conversation and becoming part of the community. When you engage with your audience regularly through an organic channel, you’ll earn the trust of your TikTok tribe and gain a deeper understanding of what exactly makes them tick.
💄  Be Proactive. Don’t be afraid of starting the trend instead of following it.
💄  Be Fun. Beauty gives people an excuse to be silly and make others smile.
💄  Be Personal. Challenges offer users a chance to be seen and feel validated.
💄  Be Native. Playful is better than polished, and beauty needs no apologies.
💄  Be Inclusive. All sizes, skin colors, and conditions are welcome here.

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A window into the future of beauty

TikTok users value authenticity over artifice and self-expression over supposed perfection—and they’re shaping the future of beauty culture with every video they post. They’re creating a world that’s inclusive and inspiring, where feeling good is just as important as looking good. It’s refreshing. It’s fun. And it’s already happening on TikTok.

When brands connect with their audience in this brave new world of beauty, true magic can happen.


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