"A Relay to Revolution": A Poem by Katie Puris


"A Relay to Revolution": A Poem by Katie Puris

March 31, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team


At TikTok, we're on a mission to promote equality and celebrate the achievements of all women. Our platform is home to millions of amazing and inspiring women who have come to share their diverse perspectives, brilliance, strength and creativity. We are grateful to be a place where their powerful voices and stories are driving change and making a difference in the world today.   

As Women's History Month comes to a close, we’d like to share a poem written by Katie Puris, Managing Director and Global Head of Business Marketing at ‎TikTok.


Together, may we always be grounded by our past as we continue to drive change by sharing our life’s moments, from the pocket-sized to the profound. Every story and every action matters for our future.

A Relay to Revolution.

There was no invitation offered
To the first women’s relay race for change
It was a force that came from within
Sometimes at an individual expense
Oftentimes without accolades
Looking back on these accomplishments
must give us the energy to look forward
Because the journey of women’s impact
lives within us today
Generations have passed the baton
to the next eager female change makers
Fueling a seamless trust
that the legacy that has been created
will never be something
that only exists in the past
The open invitation to all rising women today
Is to to start running now
Let us meet your hand
The power of the baton is now held in your care
This race is not lonely
Even though it might be hard and unclear at times
You are running right alongside the many women who are still on this course
Supporting you and one another
Together, driven to create a future that will become a part of our proud women’s history
And let us not forget
That eventually in time,
And hopefully soon
A new woman will come into view
Ready to meet your hand
On our women’s relay


Katie Puris
Managing Director

Global Head of Business Marketing

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