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Media Mix Modeling: Marketing effectiveness leaders join to help advertisers scale


Media Mix Modeling: Marketing effectiveness leaders join to help advertisers scale

April 27, 2022

TikTok For Business

Digital marketers use a variety of measurement techniques to ensure that their advertising dollars are being used effectively. And while the industry continues to innovate for more privacy-first measurement designs, media mix modeling remains a critical tool in leading marketer's measurement frameworks.

As TikTok begins this measurement journey, our goal is to quickly meet marketers where they are, and to help them better understand TikTok's relative contribution to their business outcomes.

To help make this happen, TikTok has partnered with key media mix modeling industry leaders—Nielsen, IRI, Analytic Partners, Ekimetrics and Neustar—to bring reporting consistency and quality as well as a more streamlined media mix modeling process for advertisers globally. This will allow advertisers to gain more insights into the impact of marketing on the platform.

"We are thrilled to be furthering our measurement journey globally," said Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok. "Partnering with leaders across the measurement industry allows TikTok to understand advertiser needs through advanced, privacy-safe modeling techniques. These techniques also uncover deeper insights into how companies are leveraging our platform to achieve their business goals. Our goal is to help clients reach their full potential with the TikTok community and maximize growth.”

Media mix modeling is generally carried out as a collaboration between several key players, ranging from media agencies, media mix modeling research vendors, advertisers, publishers, and more. Getting the right approach for all of these participants can be tricky—that's why we're excited to unveil a program that simplifies the entire process for advertisers.

TikTok's media mix modeling partners 

Our partners have a proven history of driving insights for advertisers through media mix modeling across the globe and will now be able to leverage aggregated, privacy-safe reporting from TikTok.

Having a granular, media mix modeling-optimized view into placements, geographies, optimization types and ad formats will enable our partners to power richer insights for advertisers. Combining process efficiencies and our partners' expertise, we aim to empower our advertisers to grow and scale their business impact on the TikTok platform.

“Analytic Partners has always been focused on turning data into expertise to enhance our clients’ understanding of customer behaviors and opportunities for growth,” said Susan Tillou, SVP and Head of Global Partnerships at Analytic Partners. “As marketers begin to grow their media spend with TikTok, we are thrilled to partner on media mix modeling to enable direct access that helps expedite insights so clients can better adapt, evolve and thrive.”

“In order to optimize advertising spend, it’s essential for today’s CPG and retail marketers to have a holistic and detailed view of their efforts,” said Jennifer Pelino, executive vice president, Global Media Solutions, IRI. “We are excited to partner with TikTok to help power more valuable insights to advertisers.”

How media mix modeling provides valuable insights to advertisers

TikTok recently commissioned Nielsen to independently run several media mix models across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and the results show a consistent positive return on ad spend and offline sales efficiency for CPG advertisers.

In addition, the Nielsen research unlocked other key insights that build upon expected marketing effectiveness principles:
1. More ad formats are better than a single format.

2. Longer campaigns can be better than shorter campaigns.
3. Early forecast simulations from these models show that paid ad units such as 'in-feed' yield sustained incremental outcomes at incremental spends.
TikTok continues to grow its portfolio of measurements solutions to uncover the insights that maximize media efficiency and impact.
Advertisers working with any of the measurement partners above can reach out to them directly to kick off the process of including TikTok in future media mix models.

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