Measure your TikTok sales outcomes with NCSolutions

July 13, 2022
TikTok and NCSolutions have teamed up to deliver a sales lift measurement solution. Learn how you can get started.
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Marketers across all industries want to measure outcomes driven by their advertising efforts—both to demonstrate the return on their initiatives as well as to identify what's working and what isn't. For many CPG advertisers, the key business metric is product sales, whether that's in-store or online. Following a customer journey from first digital impression to digital purchase is achievable. But following a journey from first digital impression to in-store purchase can be tricky for even the most seasoned advertisers.

To address this challenge, TikTok and NCSolutions (NCS) have teamed up to deliver a sales lift measurement solution. It measures the incremental sales lift of in-person and online purchases after seeing an ad on TikTok. Through partnerships with retailers and machine learning technology, NCS quantifies the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and is used by many of the most trusted brands in the United States.

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This connection between online and offline data can help reveal the true incremental sales value of your ads, uncovering opportunities to learn further. The end result? Advertisers can get answers to key business questions like:

  • What were the incremental sales driven from TikTok for my business?

  • What do the buyer profiles look like for those who contributed to incremental sales from TikTok?

  • Which TikTok campaign elements are most impactful for driving incremental sales for our brand?

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Campaign impact: TikTok drives sales outcomes

From those who have started measuring their campaigns with NCS, we've already seen some incredible results. In fact, 33 out of 36 campaigns measured by NCS drove statistically significant lift, with an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of $2.66. That's 2.4x the ROAS compared to the median NCS performance benchmark.

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TikTok's suite of measurement solutions is geared toward proving the true value of each impression for brands. Our team of measurement and digital marketing experts are here to make sure that you have the solutions you need to measure the KPIs that drive your business.

If you're interested in measuring the incremental sales that TikTok drives to your business, please reach out to your TikTok account team to get involved!