Make this summer a hot one for your business on TikTok


Make this summer a hot one for your business on TikTok

June 18, 2021

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 Scrolling through the For You feed the last couple weeks, you may have already noticed things are heating up. For half the globe, summer is here and it’s a time to enjoy the outdoors, take vacations, celebrate longer evenings and, of course, take in plenty of sunshine. It’s also a time to connect with friends and enjoy the company of others. Since summer is such a positive and celebratory time for so many people, it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most popular topics on TikTok.

With a video camera in everyone's pocket, as the summer heats up, so does the content. More than ever, people are documenting and discovering short-form video content on their phones. Going from winter to summer doesn't change that - they are just shifting from indoor content to outdoor content.


Summer provides the perfect opportunity for brands to join in on the conversations and trends that are grabbing attention on TikTok. Last year, #summer2020 made a splash with a total of 10.8B views, and we’re betting it’s an even bigger 2021. To help your brand bring the heat this summer, let's explore some key mindsets and moments that provide the perfect opportunity to engage audiences on TikTok.


Source: TikTok Marketing Science - Holiday Shopping Behaviour Research 2020 conducted by Walnut Unlimited

Regardless of which topics make the most sense for your business, you can make the most of the moment with your audience all summer long by following these three easy steps.

🏄‍♀️ Join the community - Tap into TikTok’s unique DNA by engaging with our diverse community and creators through trending seasonal hashtags.
🎯 Discover ad solutions - Boost your business with a variety of TikTok brand solutions to raise awareness, increase engagement, and drive sales.
🎨 Leverage smart tools - Capture the summer’s breezy vibes on video by using our simple, easy-to-use creative tools and in-app effects.

Finding the right conversations can take some time so to help get you started, we’ve pulled together some topics and trends we predict will be the biggest hits on TikTok this summer. Check them out below!

🌞 Home

Since stay-home orders took effect over a year ago, homes have become the new hubs for social activity and many people have used TikTok to find ways to make their homes more comfortable. Over the last year, TikTok users have inspired the community by sharing their DIY projects, home renovations, and room upgrades. This summer, you can expect to see these home improvement efforts focus more exclusively on backyards and gardens as the good times move outdoors.

As these outdoor spaces become extended living areas, entertaining spaces, and calming retreats, it provides a chance for brands to also join the party. Find audiences ready to engage with your summer home tips through hashtags like #homediy, #gardenparty, #homeimprovement, #outdoorfurniture, and #homegrown.

Global consumers shopping more or exclusively online vs in-store (%)


Source: PwC’s March 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey

🌞 Cooking

It isn’t a secret by now that the TikTok community is full of passionate foodies. The FoodTok community thrives 365 days a year, but summer is when it’s at its most inspiring. Cooking breeds an increased feeling of social interaction and a positive social role, and it’s also a hallmark of any proper summer event from picnics with the family to neighborhood BBQs and backyard celebrations.

For brands ready to contribute summer cooking tips and essentials, consider hashtags such as #recipe, #vegan, and #bbqrecipes.

🌞 Online shopping

Summer is a time to shed winter layers and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. During the pandemic, online spending increased across many categories including fashion, consumer electronics, health and beauty, and sports and fitness. As summer continues and people spend more and more time outdoors, online shopping is also expected to continue to increase. The TikTok community is already sharing their summer lifestyle and discovering new inspiration to upgrade this summer season using trending hashtags such as #tiktokmademebuyit, #summershopping, #summersales and #summeroutfit.

🌞  Travel

After many people have spent more than a year at home, getting away for a few days this summer seems quite appealing. While travel plans may still look a little different this year compared to years past, the travel conversations are still thriving on TikTok! For brands ready to talk to summer travelers, try hashtags such as #travelbucketlist and #tiktoktravel. Businesses ready to share ideas to make the most of your vacations closer to home should check out the #staycation hashtag.

While these four moments represent some of the biggest opportunities, there is a home for every brand on TikTok this summer. Consider the following topics and moments that also provide the perfect chance for businesses of all sizes to join the conversation.
🎪 Key summer events such as music festivals and national and international sporting events, summer holidays and summer sales
🐶 Popular and niche holidays such as Father’s Day, National Selfie Day, International Yoga Day, National Dog Day, and World Photography Day

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Family-friendly moments such as reunions, theme park visits, movie releases and, of course, community-created hashtag challenges!
Joining these active conversations provides the opportunity for brands to engage and partner with creators and the broader community to share tips, tricks, and inspiration for the products to make this summer the best one yet!

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