Made For TikTok: How to make better branded content


Made For TikTok: How to make better branded content

October 22, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

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While TikTok has given marketers the opportunity to reach audiences in a whole new way, we know that brands, agency creatives and marketers are still learning how to make the most of it. That's why we developed Made For TikTok, our new content series full of tips and insights on how to make branded content that our community loves.

Flex your creative muscles with David Ma

Our first installment of Made For TikTok is a workout program just for creative marketers, with a series of exercises they can use to strengthen their content strategy and flex their creative muscles on the platform.


Knowing we'd need a trainer who understood both ad creative and creating for TikTok, we teamed up with David Ma. A former ad agency creative himself, David worked as a copywriter and art director before becoming a commercial director and TikTok creator. Using his unique experience as a bridge between the agency world and TikTok, we developed this series of super-specific insights to help you make branded content that fits the platform, reaches new communities, and unleashes a brand's potential on TikTok.  

Start training with the full Made For TikTok workout

Take a few more reps

Made For Play

What you'll learn 

✔️  Exploration and playing as you go is key on TikTok.
✔️  It allows you to discover what's right for your brand visually, and keeps people watching for whatever it is you want to say.

Made For Communities

What you'll learn 

✔️ Subculturesare niche communities that form around common passions and interests. Think of them like the new demographics. 
✔️  Tapping into and engaging with the power of niche subcultures is one way to reach larger audiences on TikTok.

Made for Comments

What you'll learn 

✔️  Comments are the new creative briefs.
✔️  Engaging in the comment section can help you plan your content strategy.


Made For Co-Creation

What you'll learn 

✔️  Why are creators different from influencers?
✔️  What's the right way to partner with creators as a brand?
✔️  How can you utilize their talents to maximize the partnership?

Made For Process

What you'll learn 
✔️  Brands have a unique opportunity on TikTok to just be real with audiences.
✔️  Don't just show the finished product, show how you got there.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Made For TikTok!

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