Kantar ranks TikTok #1 globally for ad equity. Again.


Kantar ranks TikTok #1 globally for ad equity. Again.

September 29, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team


TikTok has changed how brands advertise around the world, and audiences have noticed. Now, for the second year running, we outperformed our global peers in a Kantar study surveying how consumers feel about ads.

Both consumers and marketers were surveyed about nine global media brands across 23 markets, and the findings showed strong confidence across the board that TikTok is the preferred advertising environment for both brands and their audiences.

Ad equity measures the audience’s attitude and preference towards ads across media channels and premium media brands. Why does this matter? Broader Kantar research shows that brand-building campaigns are 7 times more impactful among people with high ad equity than among people with low ad equity.

“The extent to which consumers find ads on TikTok “fun and entertaining” is currently the single most differentiating feature in the global media landscape. Given this, it makes sense that over 3 in 4 global marketers plan to increase their media spend on TikTok in 2022.”

— Duncan Southgate, Director, Media, Insights, Kantar

Highlights from the report

1. Audiences say ads on TikTok are the most fun and entertaining...

It's been well-documented that our users think ads on TikTok are unique, inspiring and enjoyable. This year's Media Reactions report from Kantar confirms the reason: our community has a collaborative atmosphere, giving brands the creative space to show up in inventive ways that add value and are less intrusive.

2. ...And marketers say TikTok product solutions are the most innovative

From our next-level branding solutions like Branded Hashtag Challenge and Branded Effect, to our suite of self-serve tools like TikTok Ads Manager and the creative solutions that make video creation a breeze, we've built impactful, cost-effective offerings for businesses of every size. Whether you're a major brand looking to engage millions of consumers across the globe, or a small business wanting to achieve local impact on a small budget, we have the solutions to get your brand noticed.

3. Consumers favor TikTok ads in 13 of 14 categories

The study measures attitudes of household decision makers in categories like retail, travel, auto, personal careand cosmetics, finance, electronics and healthcare. TikTok came out on top in almost all of them. This goes to show that brands across every vertical are being welcomed into TikTok's community and seeing real impact on the platform.

4. Brands are gaining cultural relevance here

This year, TikTok ads scored higher for delivering relevance and usefulness than last year. This is a testament to our platform's growing impact beyond the app, and shows that our community of creative audiences and brands are shaping culture at large.


Reach an audience that wants to be reached

TikTok's ad equity has been ranked #1 in the world two years running because of our creative, authentic community and brand-friendly platform. Reaching consumers in an environment built for discovery gives businesses the power to build great ad experiences — and offers audiences the chance to discover compelling, fun content.

Get started with these universal tips for making a great TikTok

Give users a reason to join in

TikTok is built on creative collaboration. Grow your presence with that in mind and find fun ways to get audiences involved with your story.

Make TikTok trends work For You

Trends are a powerful way to engage with audiences through relevance and realness. Build content around the new sounds, hashtags, filters, and video formats that emerge on TikTok each week.

Tap into our creator talent

Our creators bring a whole new meaning to "influential." Leverage the unique relationship between user and creator, and deliver your brand message with a bang.

Innovate your message with breakthrough products

It's been a huge year of growth for TikTok, including the launch of a roster of products designed to give brands completely new and immersive ways to engage with audiences: from seamless creator collaborations to enhanced measurability and transparency to a full-service storefront solution that connects entertainment and commerce.


So what are you waiting for? Become a part of our explosive growth, reach audiences that want to discover your brand, and make your mark on our community!

All data and research sourced from Kantar Media Reactions 2021

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