Introducing the TIkTok Small Business Resource Center


Introducing the TIkTok Small Business Resource Center

February 11, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

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New resource center to help small businesses thrive on TikTok

TikTok For Business is excited to announce its first Small Business Resource Center, launched in December 2020. The goal of the Resource Center is to help small businesses leverage the power and creativity of TikTok to grow their brands and better connect with their audience.
"Small businesses are at the heart of our communities and an important part of the TikTok ecosystem. Not only are they vital to local economies, but they are deeply rooted in TikTok, the community, and the experience of the platform. We launched our self-serve ad platform last summer to further empower advertisers of all sizes and budgets to easily and efficiently activate at scale on the platform. We're proud to see that, since its launch, the self-serve platform has provided the tools and resources to support thousands of businesses in connecting and engaging with the community and finding a voice on TikTok as they begin to emerge from the pandemic." - Becca Sawyer, Head of SMB and Operations at TikTok
Understandably, 2020 was a challenging year for all - especially small businesses - with many impacted by the pandemic and lockdown. As a result, small businesses have had to deal with significant shifts including working remotely, managing supply chain issues and product deviations, and reaching and engaging with consumers in a new way. As consumers continue spending more time online, they are turning to TikTok for their daily dose of creativity, entertainment, and connection.
TikTok is not only a fresh and unique platform, but also a place to drive meaningful connections and where businesses of all sizes can be discovered. Specially curated for small businesses, our new Resource Center has all of the tools necessary to learn about TikTok's marketing platform and how to get started creating TikTok ads. Specifically, we have provided materials and best practices for using and navigating the platform, launching campaigns, and leveraging our suite of creative offerings for easy editing and storytelling.

Small business resources include:

▶︎ Success Stories: Check out how small businesses from around the world are using TikTok to drive results.

▶︎  Creative Resources: Small businesses can easily unleash their creative side and represent their brand's most authentic self with our free suite of creative tools. Check out the Creative Centerfor global inspiration and insights from the best performing TikTok ads.

▶︎ Getting Started: Small businesses can learn how to get started today with TikTok Ads Manager, our simple, self-serve tool that allows ads to be created and launched directly into the TikTok feed.

▶︎ Start Measuring: Adding the TikTok Pixel to a brand's website provides an easy way to track performance and reach the right audience.

▶︎ Optimize for Success: Our optimization guides provide tricks and tips for marketers to successfully optimize campaign performance.

▶︎ Trending: Small businesses can stay on top of the latest updates and launches from TikTok For Business.

▶︎  Watch & Learn: Small businesses can take advantage of TikTok's free webinars and learn directly from our experts on how to grow their business and better connect with their target audience.

▶︎ TikTok For Business Resources: From our Business Learning Center to the Help Center, TikTok For Business has tools available for marketers to achieve their business goals and drive results.

Small businesses are such an integral part of TikTok's community and we want to be alongside them and provide support as they navigate through these challenging times. We invite all small businesses to check out the TikTok For Business Small Business Resource Center and get started on TikTok today!
For more information on getting started, visit the Small Business Resource Center.


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