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Introducing Business Creative Hub: Content inspiration at your fingertips

June 25, 2021

Business Creative Hub is an in-app resource freely available to all TikTok Business Account users. Learn what's trending and how your brand can jump on board.

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One of the fun things about TikTok is that anything can go viral - and some of the most popular content is the deceptively simple, quirky or even bizarre. Example? An Australian skincare brand with a polished, pretty-in-pink aesthetic had their first big viral moment on TikTok with a close-up shot of fake tan being exfoliated from a foot - unexpected, maybe, but #oddlysatisfying at the same time. The video cost nothing to make and sailed past a million views in a matter of hours, bringing an influx of new fans eager to buy the product. But if your brand is new to the platform, how do you tap into this kind of trend? Where do you start?

From listening to our business users, we found that a common challenge faced by many was a lack of inspiration for new content to post. It could be that a winning strategy used on other platforms isn't having the same success here, or that you don't know what's trending and how your brand can jump on board.

To solve this problem, we're excited to introduce the new Business Creative Hub, an in-app resource freely available to all TikTok Business Account users. The Hub offers guidance on content creation and a steady stream of trending content to help you learn from best practices and turn creative ideas into TikTok videos.

Last year, we introduced the TikTok Business Account, where businesses of all kinds can set up a profile, build brand presence with organic content, and grow their business through a variety of tools. Business Account users have access to real-time metrics, audience insights, call-to-action buttons and more. It's free of charge, and you can switch to a Business Account with just a few taps.

Once you've activated your Business Account, the new Business Creative Hub can be found under the 'Business suite' section of the 'Settings and privacy' menu on the TikTok app. It comprises two handy resources: the Business Content Guide, and the continually-updated Video Showcase.

Business Content Guide

The Business Content Guide is a cheat sheet for any business to easily get the hang of using TikTok to promote your brand. It aims to inspire, with tips on content strategy, storyline ideation, and video shooting; but there are also practical tips for getting the most out of your business account, from setting up your profile, to the best times to post, to content moderation and traffic. The Content Guide also showcases Success Stories - best practice examples from brands with successful Business Accounts.

Video Showcase

The Video Showcase features three curated feeds of trending content popular in your country over the past 30 days.

The first feed, Trending: Business, shows videos from other Business Accounts in the same country, ranked by the total number of likes they've received.

The second feed, Engaging: Business, shows a similar selection of popular Business Account content, but ranked by the level of engagement, measured by the ratio of comments to video views.

The third feed, Trending: Community, shows videos from all account types, ranked by the total number of likes received. We know running a business is a full-time job, so we aim to make reaching customers as simple, seamless and fun as possible. From the spark of inspiration, to the free creative tools to bring ideas to life, and the insights to measure and optimize performance, TikTok For Business has you covered. Now get out there and create something awesome!

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