Interactive Add-Ons: Entertain and engage in the For You Page

June 19, 2023
Make your ads interactive with pop-ups, stickers, and other visual elements.
Interactive Add Ons

We're excited to announce that Interactive Add-Ons are now available globally for In-Feed Ads. Interactive Add-ons offer a unique way to entice engaged viewers with popups, stickers, and other visual elements. Viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy a product or service.¹ Catching the eye of active consumers is made easier with these new creative enhancements.

How do Interactive Add-Ons work?

Interactive Add-Ons capture the undivided attention of your audience in a full-screen, sound-on environment to boost brand engagement and encourage interaction. You can enhance your In-Feed Ads with either Standard or Premium add-ons, depending on your needs.

Standard add-ons offer a way to reach lower-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions. Premium add-ons offer a way to reach upper-funnel goals, like brand awareness and community building. Both offer you a unique chance to capture people's attention in a format that resonates with them.

What are the different Interactive Add-Ons?

Premium add-ons

Pop-out Showcase

Spotlight your product through a pop-out element to drive clicks that leads users to take action with your ad and move further down the funnel.


Delight your audience with surprise gestures to increase participation with your ad. Once users take that action, a clickable display card will appear revealing information or a reward to drive users to your landing page.

Super Like 2.0 

Captivate your audience with eye-catching floating icons that appear when users engage with your ad. This allows you to display a pop-up card after the Super Like effect appears, inviting users to a landing page to learn more about your product or service.

Standard add-ons

Display Card

Drive clicks with eye-catching, brand-aligned visuals. Brands can use Display Card to visually highlight important messages, share offers, or drive traffic to their website or app.

Gift Code Sticker

Boost conversion and drive loyalty with special incentives to excite new buyers and re-ignite your existing customer base.

Voting Sticker

Deepen community connection with audience participation by enabling brands to poll, quiz, or collect feedback from their audiences.

Countdown Sticker

Generate FOMO for upcoming and current events through a visual scrolling timer to help advertisers build buzz around ongoing and upcoming events.

Why are Interactive Add-Ons effective?

Interactive Add-Ons drive engagement by catching the attention of audiences in a uniquely innovative and exciting way. Our research shows that 57% of viewers are more likely to search for brand information online when they connect with businesses on TikTok.¹ Acting as an extension of your creative idea, Interactive Add-Ons offer flexible formats that encourage consumers to join in the fun when they see your ad. Research from Suzy shows that TikTok users who like, share or comment on brand videos—also known as brand engagers—are more likely to move down the sales funnel.¹

Brand engagers are:¹

350% more likely to visit the brand's physical store

150% more likely to buy a product or service from the brand

40% more likely to visit the brand's website or app

Get started

Interactive Add-Ons are compatible with campaigns geared towards App installs, Conversion, Reach & Frequency (Traffic, Video Views).

1. Source: TikTok user survey of US, Suzy, May 2021. Brand engagers are TikTok users who have shared, liked or commented on brand videos and non-brand engagers who haven’t shared, liked or commented.

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