Game On: Measurement on TikTok


Game On: Measurement on TikTok

March 22, 2022

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The game is changing

If 2021 taught us anything about digital media, it's that not only is change a constant, but it's happening at breakneck speed. Brands are navigating a treacherous and fragmented digital landscape, full of uncertainty.

You may be familiar with one or more of these evolving brand challenges:

1. Brand safety, already a staple focus for all marketers, continues to challenge brands to find suitable, trusted environments to engage customers.

2. Privacy requirements are constantly evolving, creating constant changes to campaign measurement and optimization.

3. Lastly, an evolving customer journey has kept brands on the hunt for innovative opportunities, where audience receptivity and advertising quality can unlock great results.


But, it's not quite game over. As 2022 continues, a path through uncertainty is forming. For persistent brands brave enough to blaze forward with new and smart strategies, TikTok is offering you an extra life.

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TikTok is a new player, but being young has its advantages. As we're building an ecosystem of measurement solutions, we see the landscape with fresh eyes. A disrupted field of marketing where gaps are created by evolving technology, regulation, and audience behavior presents an opportunity to find new and better ways to achieve brand and business goals.


And that brings us to our Measurement Framework goal, helping brands make smarter advertising decisions on TikTok with a full set of measurement tools made to drive full-funnel business impact.

Goal: "Helping brands make smarter advertising decisions on TikTok with a full set of measurement tools made to drive full-funnel business impact."

So, just like TikTok has changed how people and brands around the world create and share content, we're bringing that same energy to our approach to measurement solutions, too.
Ready to see how TikTok's framework helps you master your campaign? Read on.

The hero's journey (the hero is you!)

TikTok's solution is a multi-layer framework, built to be customizeable based on the measurement goals an advertiser has identified. It's full of smart, familiar partners that span the spectrum of campaign measurement possibilities.

The TikTok Measurement Framework has three primary purposes:


1. Be Safe & Seen is stacked with solutions to ensure brands that ads are being seen by real people in a safe, fraud free environment. For example, TikTok's Inventory Filter gives advertisers more control over where their ads run on the platform, ensuring a brand-safe environment.


2. Next is Build Performance, which is a toolset that helps advertisers attribute campaign impact and optimize campaign performance. A part of this solution is the TikTok Pixel, a first-party attribution tracker that's pre-built, simple to set up, and easy to maintain.


3. The final purpose in the framework is Analyze Impact, which lets brands understand and unpack the impact of different media investments with TikTok. In addition to measuring via brand and sales lift studies,we can also support Media Mix Modeling, giving a robust view into the value of ads on TikTok.

Consider these three strategies as buttons to push based on the goal you're trying to measure. The idea is to activate one, two, or all three to build a purposeful powerhouse on the TikTok platform, giving you a clear output to measure your success.

Behind every success story is an action plan

Our Measurement Framework has helped several brands realize big campaign wins:

Adidas launches brand-safe campaign with basketball superstar Candace Parker

Partnering with talent and athletes is always a careful collaboration with platforms, andAdidasis no exception. In-feed Ads were the core of their campaign, aiming for video views as the top metric. With a combination of TikTok Inventory Filter and Zefr, the Adidas campaign was hitting buckets with a 99.9% brand suitability rate, and 99.9% verified brand safe impressions. That's how you score a W!
🟢 Be safe and seen

Hepsiburada reaches new users, landing first-time buyers with the TikTok Pixel

With a goal of driving site purchases from TikTok's huge audience, Turkey-based E-commerce platform Hepsiburada implemented our first-party pixel. This enabled them to use Dynamic Showcase Ads to get personalized products in front of users. With deep user behavior data at each stage of the funnel, TikTok's automated ad products took care of the bidding, targeting and delivery.
🟡 Build Performance

McDonalds bump in store visits 3.32% through re-engagement

Not only didMcDonaldsgain 67 million impressions on its campaign focusing on its iconic food, those impressions were verified brand safe at 99.71% via Openslate. On top of that high impact, the golden arches saw a 3.32% in-store traffic jump through the re-engagement group, which was measured in partnership with Foursquare Attribution. If that's not lovin' it, we don't know what is!


🟢 Be Safe & Seen

🔵 Analyze Impact

And this is just the beginning! We'll be upgrading and evolving this Measurement Framework in 2022 and beyond, equipping brands with the support to be masters of their campaigns, whatever the need.

If you're ready to start building your campaign's measurement strategy, reach out to your TikTok Brand Partnerships Manager!

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