Family time has evolved: From TV to TikTok


Family time has evolved: From TV to TikTok

March 26, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team


The digital generations are starting to start families on their own. In fact, 80% of new parents are millennials who turn both to the internet and social media to learn about parenting purchases. They are even teaching the baby boomer generation to do the same. TikTok appeals to all of these generations, and is fast becoming a shared destination for family time.

Family time on TikTok: Every generation shares in the fun...

Every day, millions of parents, teens, grandparents and in betweens come to TikTok to share snippets of their day-to-day life. Here’s what’s unique: often, the whole family participates together—even teens don’t shy away. It used to be a challenge getting everyone to sit still for a photo; now we see perfectly choreographed dance routines from the whole family, including grandma.


Check out some of these popular hashtags to see more:
#family- 67B views
#familytime- 8B views
#parenting4B views
TikTok also functions as a safe space for parents to connect, reassure each other and celebrate achievements big and small. They offer tips, tricks, and in-depth knowledge to one another, and reveal unfiltered family insights unlike anywhere else.
#momsoftiktok- 44B views
#dad- 25B views
#momlife- 20B views

New status, new habits

Kids bring wonder—as well as new interests and concerns. Changes in adults’ daily routines when they have kids under their care also affects what they look for online. Brands that are targeting parents can lead the conversation by steering content toward a few popular topics.

Compared to TikTok users who are in the same age group but don’t have children, TikTok parents are more likely to post about home appliances, snack products, business, cars and grocery products.1

Parents increasingly turn to digital tools to shop

Online shopping is a favorite for busy parents – especially because it allows for reading reviews and making informed decisions.

This information increasingly comes from influencers. During COVID, 20% of moms have been more frequently seeking content from influencers, and most remain committed to those influencers who they’ve already followed.

Family time on TikTok: Parents are more likely to post about

Parents want to keep their kids occupied

With schools affected by pandemic shutdowns, the toy industry has surged, with sales growing 16% in the US in 2020. The fastest-growing category was games and puzzles, which jumped 228% in a single week. Parents are looking for toys and games that can keep their kids entertained, as 62% of parents say they allow their kids unsupervised playtime. Brands that can provide safe and simple entertainment or activities should capitalize on this moment.

Millennial moms are brand evangelists

Millennial moms "like" or recommend products online, unsolicited, 10.4 times every month, according to one study. This generation is more likely than the average mom to provide opinions and recommendations, and are also asked for opinions on purchase decisions much more often.


Parents make up an active, vocal and fast-growing slice of the community on TikTok -- and their influence extends far beyond. Don't miss out on the chance to build closer connections and get your brand in front of them. Learn more about targeting TikTok consumers from our recent articles Small Business Check: 5 tips for winning customers with TikTok and TikTok Made Me Buy It: 3 tips to tap the shopping craze. And you're looking for tips to create TikTok campaigns that pop, check out our Small Business Resource Centerand Creative Centerfor inspiration.


1. Source; GWI, TikTok Users who are parents, (25-44) excl. China & India, Question: In the last month, which of these have you posted an opinion about online? Indexes: Calculated and compared against non-TikTok Parents (25-44)

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