Creative tips and tools to level up your TikTok campaigns

TikTok's free creative tools are designed to make life easier for marketers at every step of the creative process, from the spark of inspiration to delivering the finished product.
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Unleash your creativity

At TikTok, we believe in democratizing creativity. What does that mean? It's about lowering barriers to participation: to bring great ideas to life, you shouldn't need to spend money, or have expensive equipment or complex editing software. Inspiration should be easy to come by, and seamless to execute.

We believe that technology shouldn't complicate things; tools should make life easier. This belief holds true for both our users and our brands: if you have an idea that brings joy, then that idea is worth sharing, and it deserves to be discovered. And with the right tools, anyone can be creative.

Our array of free creative tools are designed to make life easier at every step of the creative process, from the spark of inspiration to delivering the finished product. Here's a guided tour of some key offerings to help brands unleash their creativity--and make TikToks, not ads! 

Creative Center: Start your journey here

The Creative Center is a portal for brands to learn about best practices, tips, tricks and insights from TikTok's best-performing ads.

With this portal, we aim to empower brands to show up and connect authentically with the TikTok community.

The Creative Center includes the following sections:

  • Inspiration: a collection of top-performing ads from our TikTok Ads Manager platform, regularly updated to bring inspiration to advertisers

  • Insights: a library of tips, tricks and tutorials to provide guidance on developing high-performing ad creative for TikTok

  • Tools: an overview of the free creative tools available to advertisers on our platform

The Inspiration section features three streams of trending content from TikTok. (Note: To access the full collection of Top Ads and Popular Trends, you'll need to log in with your TikTok Ads Manager account.)

  • Top Ads: a database of top-performing TikTok ads from around the world that can be filtered by region, industry and duration.

  • Popular Trends: A one-stop solution for advertisers to see trending user content from several countries, and be inspired by the latest trends from the TikTok community.

  • Showcases: a collection of selected auction ad case studies, along with bite-sized insights to inspire your next campaign.

Read on to learn more about the creative tools TikTok offers to make marketers' lives easier.

TikTok Video Editor

We recently unveiled this all-in-one browser-based video editor to easily produce native, TikTok-style videos. It allows you to quickly and accurately produce native-feeling content with TikTok-style elements, including popular music, fonts, colours and more. You can easily add custom subtitles, crop assets, and cut scenes exactly the way you want in moments.

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Smart Video

Smart Video helps you make awesome video ads, reduce the cost of your video production and expand your creative library. You can upload one or multiple images and videos; Smart Video will then automatically generate beautifully edited ad creative. Using AI, the tool selects the best clips, weaves them together with transitions, and even edits to sync with the rhythm of the music.

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Video Template

There's no need to start from scratch. TikTok Video Template allows you to build from a template that best suits your brand, and add images to create top-quality creatives. Simply drop in your photos, text and logos. You can also choose from thousands of free background music tracks, all without having to worry about copyright issues. Whether you're promoting a new product, telling your brand story, or showcasing your app, there is a library of ready-to-use templates for every marketing need!

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Smart Video Soundtrack

Music plays a vital role in making good video content for TikTok. To make this easier for brands, we introduced the Smart Video Soundtrack tool. Simply upload your video, and the system will automatically match it with the right track from a library of high-quality copyrighted music for free. You can even try out different music options to test their effect on ad performance.

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Smart Text

Writing ad copy can be time-consuming. Smart Text is a text generation tool that will do the job for you, based on popular phrases and captions on TikTok that are relevant to your product and industry. Just enter your industry, language, and keywords to generate 10 highly-relevant ad texts at a time. Currently, Smart Text supports captions in English, Japanese, Russian, and Vietnamese. 

Note: Smart Text is not available for advertisers in North America

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Quick Optimization

Quick Optimization is a smart tool that lets advertisers quickly generate large batches of TikTok style ad-creative. With just one click, Quick Optimization will automatically combine visual effects, opening frames, and music to create up to 12 pieces of creative from a single video asset. It can also convert all horizontal footage into vertical video. This is a great tool for advertisers who want to save time and money on developing multiple iterations.

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