Three Steps to Create Your 2023 Marketing Calendar on TikTok

April 13, 2023
marketing planner image

From Valentine's Day to Spring Break to Pride Month to the winter holidays and more, there are multiple seasonal moments for every business to get behind. With so many important dates, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what to plan for next. But good news: to jump start your strategy, we've created a marketing planner with key cultural moments and dates to align your brand to, whether your goal is driving awareness, consideration, or sales. Follow these three simple steps below to get started and grow your brand on TikTok!

Download the 2023 Marketing Calendar here

Step 1: Prioritize.

Our calendar of seasonal moments has lots to choose from. We recommend selecting up to three major holidays that best align with your brand. For example, if you sell jewelry, you may want to focus on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Step 2: Plan ahead.

Plan at least three months ahead. By deciding early on which dates to focus on, you’ll be better prepared to develop an effective marketing plan. In our marketing calendar, identify your key dates and work back by three months to begin planning. For the winter holidays, with tons of shopping going on, it's especially important to plan ahead, even by 6 months or more!

Step 3: Launch early.

Don't wait for the seasonal/cultural moment to arrive before launching your marketing campaign around it. A best practice is to drum up promotions around a major holiday initiative up to two months ahead of the actual date. This gives you plenty of time to capture users’ attention and build momentum before you need them to take action.

Now that you have the key steps, let's dive in. Use our calendar and template here to get started, or sign up for TikTok Ads Manager today.