It's the 'Brand Love' for me

September 14, 2022
Brand Love

Sparks are flying! Nothing has ever made you feel this way before. You never even realized what was missing from your life until they came along. You think you've finally found "the one."

No, we're not talking about your latest swipe. We mean the bond that forms when someone discovers a brand they simply can't live without. On TikTok, businesses have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with passionate communities that actively want to talk about, engage with, and buy from the brands they love. According to research we conducted with DIRT, TikTok fosters meaningful brand love and drives long-term positive connections between brands and their audience.

Make the first move

Build brand love with the TikTok community the same way you'd approach a new romance: Brands need to be present, develop trust, be authentic, and put in the effort to demonstrate that they're invested.

Being present on the platform means creating TikTok videos to keep your community engaged—whether that's developing organic content or working with creators, but especially when amplifying TikTok videos with paid. Not only does seeing an ad on TikTok increase the likelihood that a viewer will purchase from that brand (a 10% boost compared to other platforms), but users were also more willing to endorse a brand for up to a month after exposure to an ad. So, when a brand creates content that resonates and speaks directly to consumers' interests, the community supports it.

And TikTok users don't gatekeep. They'll introduce you to their family, friends, and their TikTok following—a major relationship milestone. Viewers become loyal advocates for brands, helping businesses achieve their short-term goals while also elevating them to 'brand love' status.

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The feeling is mutual

But brands need to take actions that illustrate their commitment, and do it in a way that feels both native to the platform and authentic to the community they want to engage with. Creative made specifically for TikTok is more emotionally engaging than ads repurposed from other platforms. People on TikTok are genuinely happy to support and interact with brands that create for the platform—so much so that community members frequently interact with brands on TikTok, developing content about them, providing a fun or unexpected take on a product, and even co-creating alongside brand videos via Duets and Stitches. Here, TikTok users don't just enjoy brand content, they actively hit the 'like' button to demonstrate their interest.

TikTok Ads Drive More Results

Brands also uniquely capture our community's attention, leading people to remember brands on TikTok more than on other platforms. It's like wanting to spend time with your beau and thinking of them when you're apart: when TikTok users encounter a brand's video on TikTok, they spend 25% more time watching TikTok ads than ads on other platforms. And it's quality time: Even two weeks later, TikTok drives higher spontaneous recall for brands.

The research shows that through longer watch times, increased purchase intent, higher recall, and stronger feelings of positivity, TikTok acts as the matchmaker that creates enduring connections between communities and advertisers, helping transform businesses into beloved brands.

From fling to romance

Now let's get those sparks flying. Get started with these tips to make the TikTok community feel all warm and fuzzy about your brand:

  • Stay Always Engaged. Wondering just how to ignite brand love? It's a blend of organic content, paid media, and working with the right creators. Find out more about this holistic Always Engaged strategy by reaching out to your sales representative or downloading this high-level guide.

  • Discover CommunityToks. TikTok users are dynamic individuals who want brands to relate to their interests and passions. Explore CommunityToks that are relevant to your brand, and become a member by being vulnerable and authentic. Learn more about CommunityToks here.

  • Partner with Creators. A great way to build trust with your audience on TikTok is through creators who have already established their voice in their community. Identify the best creators to work with through the TikTok Creator Marketplace, our self-service platform.

  • Participate in Trends. Join in on platform trends to stay culturally relevant with the communities you're speaking with. Check out the Creative Center for guidance on which hashtags and sounds are popping off on TikTok!

Source: TikTok Marketing Science US Brand Building Study 2022 conducted by DIRT

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