How brands can unlock Black Friday on TikTok


How brands can unlock Black Friday on TikTok

November 4, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

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October is coming to a close and, as November begins, Black Friday is just around the corner. The way people shop has changed,and consumers are looking for deals from the comfort of their homes. TikTok has been one of the platforms leading the charge in this post-pandemic e-commerce landscape, and our platform's unique ability to deliver content that resonates to people around the globe makes Black Friday on TikTok an event brands should not miss.

Black Friday on TikTok

According to a recent study, 54% more TikTok users plan to shop for Black Friday offers via sponsored social media posts compared to other platforms.1 With engagement like that, it’s clear TikTok needs to be a focus for brands this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even last year, TikTok had an impact on Black Friday spending, with 80% of users who bought something on Black Friday 2020 saying TikTok played a role in that decision, and 40% of users who bought something during Black Friday last year making their purchase after seeing that exact item on TikTok.2


of TikTok users expect TikTok to inspire them to make a purchase during Black Friday this year.


Of users who bought something on Black Friday last year said TikTok played a role.


Of users who bought something during Black Friday last year bought something seen on TikTok.

We fully anticipate those trends to continue in 2021 as TikTok has amped up ecommerce functionality for brands. Going into the 2021 Holiday season, 70% of TikTok users expect TikTok to inspire them to make a purchase during Black Friday this year.2

How has the Black Friday experience changed?

Black Friday used to be about rushing to the store the day after Thanksgiving. In the post-covid era, things now look very different. Last year online retailers stretched the sale over several weeks, starting early and sustaining longer. Views of the #blackfridayhashtag tripled in the second week of October, peaked on the day itself, and remained relatively high until just before Christmas.

Given all the chatter around supply chain issues facing retail markets around the globe this Holiday season, many retailers have started their Black Friday deals early. Users have adapted to the change and holiday purchasing has already begun.

Black Friday is no longer a single day — it's a major seasonal moment.


Hot products for Black Friday 2021 on TikTok

Communities on TikTok are as varied and diverse as the world around us. Just like in real life, different products and categories resonate with customers differently and it’s the same on TikTok.

However, based on 2020 data and information collected from expectant shoppers on social platforms, there are some categories we found TikTokers are more likely to purchase through Black Friday deals, compared to users on other platforms:3

👕  +15% Clothes
🎁  +32% Gifts
👾  +35% Gaming Devices
🎧  +16% Personal Electronics
🧼  +20% Personal Care Items


Tips for a successful Black Friday on TikTok

To help get you started, our team has assembled some top tips for brands to maximize their Black Friday sales success. The tips can be mix-and-match, and should always be utilized in conjunction with our number one rule: be yourself on TikTok. Authenticity on TikTokis the primary ingredient for any business’s success on the platform, so find always keep in mind which of these tips best match up with your own brand’s personality and identity online:

Use Branded Effect add-ons for increased CTR: Branded Effect's In-App CTA and In-Camera CTA allow you to push traffic to your webpage in an interactive and fun way to help maximize conversions.
TopView to grab attention right away: Putting your deals front and center and guaranteeing maximum exposure on app open, TopView is the perfect choice for a Black Friday sales push.
Spark Ads to leverage earned organic content: Black Friday deals can attract a lot of organic posts from TikTok users. Monitor mentions of your products then boost using Spark Ads so more of the TikTok community can see them in their FYP!
Leverage TikTok Creators: An endorsement from TikTok’s trusted creators can go a long way. Find a suitable partner for your brand on TikTok Creator Marketplace and have them introduce your Hashtag Challenge!

Case study: Magalu

Magalu, a digital, multichannel platform and the largest ecosystem for buying and selling in Brazil, was keen on partnering with TikTok to create a national splash for its Black Friday Sale. As time was limited, Magalu wanted to quickly generate mass awareness about the sale and drive traffic to its annual flagship event.

To achieve these goals, Magalu ran a week-long campaign using two of TikTok's premium branded solutions, TopView and Brand Takeover, both of which appear as the first thing users see when opening TikTok. The campaign's slick visuals and creative style were the perfect fit for TikTok, something which was reflected in the campaign's results.

196 million video views
Average 19.60% CTR
>4 in 5 accesses via TikTok were new users to Magalu

Case study: Omolola Jewellery

Omolola Jewellery is a UK-based boutique with a passion for afro-centric jewellery. Ahead of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2020, they came to TikTok for help promoting their brand and products to a young UK audience.


Using TikTok Ads Manager to oversee their campaign, Omolola targeted a specific group of UK females with three compelling In-Feed Auction Ads to promote their seasonal sale. They used TikTok Ads Manager to set up and run their own biddable ad campaigns for the sale videos, with the main focus on converting views into website visits.

1.8 million impressions
17.5K+ clicks
0.95% CTR

Don’t wait. Get started on Black Friday 2021 today!

For years, retailers and consumers alike have acknowledged the holiday shopping season creeping up earlier and earlier every year, and the events of 2020 and 2021 have seemed to accelerate that effect. As customers have flocked to digital stores more than brick and mortar, brands have learned to become less reliant on single-day events like the traditional Black Friday. Instead, we have expanded and explored Holiday shopping beyond one 24-hour period.

TikTok has embraced that change and sits in a unique position to connect brands and customers this Holiday season. Shopping has already started for many customers, so don’t wait to kick off your Black Friday campaigns. Check out our other best practices for brands on TikTok, and sign up to set up your TikTok For Business account today.

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2. TikTok Marketing Science US Holiday Shopping Custom Research conducted by Walnut, October 2020
3. TikTok Internal data, Global Sept 1, 2020 – Jan 30, 2021
4. GWI, % % of TikTok users compared to average of other social media users in US, UK, “Which of these types of products are you planning to purchase on Black Friday?

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