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News Republic
News Republic
A global discovery platform for breaking and trending news
News Republic is a news and video aggregator that delivers breaking news from over 3,000 fully licensed and trusted news sources, fully personalized and tailored to each user's interests.
News Republic
Global news aggregator
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News Republic
News Republic
Award-winning global news app
“Best Media APP"
News Republic
News Republic
trusted publishers & global media partners
News Republic
High quality news & content from trusted sources
A rare news experience focused on serious content provided by trusted global media partners such as CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, CBS, AFP, Le Monde, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and HuffPost.
Reach people who like to engage with news
Serious Thinkers
Engage audiences who care most about current affairs and breaking news, with longer session durations than any other news app.
Engaged Users
With higher interaction rates, brands can reach an engaged and passionate audience through News Republic.
Unique Audience
Target a unique 25+ audience across the US, Europe, and Taiwan with a higher education level and employment rate than the average population.
Grow your business on News Republic
TikTok For Business
TikTok For Business
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Brand Takeover
Increase your brand awareness and build a strong impact with a full-screen display on the App launch screen
  • The first display and interaction with users upon opening the app
  • 100% SOV on the splash screen
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