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Small business

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Your small business can thrive on TikTok with solutions that help you connect with your audience and meet your goals.


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TikTok is a community of people sharing the things they love and connecting with new brands – making it the perfect place for a business to reach more people and drive results. Jumpstart your growth with our resources designed specifically for small businesses.

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Success stories

See how other small businesses are advertising on TikTok

Slate & Tell
Slate & Tell

Driving online sales and multiplying ROI with TikTok For Business

SLATE & TELL is a personalized jewelry brand wanted to build awareness and consideration for their product as a lead up to their peak selling moments during the holiday season, with the ultimate goal of seeing 2X return on ad spend within 6 months.
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Princess Polly
Princess Polly

Boosting online sales and multiplying ROI with discount codes for fashion-forward TikTok users

Princess Polly is an online Australians fashion retailer, delivering apparel & accessories to customers domestically and around the world. The brand was looking to drive new audiences to purchase online and be able to measure the impact of their ad spend.
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momentary ink pic
Momentary Ink

Combining awe-inspiring testimonials with the power of TikTok’s auction to boost summer sales

Momentary Ink specialises in custom temporary tattoos. The brand worked with TikTok and agency partners to design a strategy that would capture the attention of our audience and drive purchases in a cost-effective way.
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Check out some of the solutions small businesses love

Promote prod video


Amplify your own organic content in TikTok with an easy-to-use tool.

Spark Ads prod image

Spark Ads

Boost your own or Creators' videos to maximise impact for your brand.

Business account prod gif

Business Account

Create a free business profile to access performance metrics, audience insights and creative tools that empower you to test, learn and grow on TikTok.

Creative tools

Start creating with these free and easy-to-use tools

video template pic SMB

Video Template

Make an ad in minutes by adding images, text and a logo to one of our video templates in our ready-to-use library.
smart video pic SMB

Smart Video

Upload pictures and videos and let our Smart Video tool develop an ad for you, saving you time and effort.
smart video soundtrack pic SMB

Smart Video Soundtrack

Upload your images and videos and let our tool magically find the right soundtrack.

TikTok 101: Tips to Get Started

How to Make a TikTok Video in 7 Steps

Make your world debut on TikTok. Your target audience is on TikTok and ready to discover and engage with your business. Watch this video to see how easy and fun it is to make a TikTok video!

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How to Create a Business Account

With a TikTok Business Account comes a number of tools to help you achieve your business goals.

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How To Set Up an Ads Manager Account

Grow your business with TikTok Ads Manager. Get results quickly with easy-to-use tools that make anyone a marketing expert. Choose your advertising goal, set your budget, upload your assets and launch your campaign.

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How to start advertising on TikTok

Sign up for a TikTok Ads Manager account
Start with a TikTok Ads Manager account–your one-stop-shop for creating ads on TikTok. These self-serve accounts can be created in a few easy steps.
Choose a goal for your business
Let us know where you want to take your business. We have products to help you get more reach, greater awareness, higher website traffic and more sales.
Identify your audience
Hone in on your target audience using traits like their app activity and whether they’ve engaged with your brand on TikTok or visited your website before.
Decide how much you want to spend
Add in the daily or lifetime amount you want to spend during your campaign. Or, decide on no limit, which gives you flexibility and the ability to optimise your campaign over time.
Create and post your ad
Use one of our automated creative tools to make an ad that fits right in with the For You page or upload an existing video.
Measure your campaign
Tap into our easy-to-use analytics to gauge how your campaign is doing and get the most out of your ads.
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Explore our guides for small businesses

American Express x TikTok Shop Small Program

Masterclass: Getting started with TikTok Ads Manager

Walk through step-by-step instructions for setting up your Ads Manager account. Learn about auction buying on TikTok, our bidding and targeting capabilities, pixel implementation and campaign best practices.
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TikTok Academy

Get growing with TikTok Academy

Find out how to set up a successful marketing campaign with guidance from TikTok’s Head of SMB and Operations, Becca Sawyer.
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marketing planner image
2023 Marketing Planner

Jump start your 2023 marketing strategy

Pick up tips to create scroll-stopping content on TikTok with an overview of our creative best practices, common mistakes we see and ideas on how to use your existing assets in new ways.
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Have more questions?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from small businesses. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, visit the TikTok Business Help Centre for more answers.

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How can I make TikTok ads on a small budget?

When you create a TikTok Ads Manager account, you'll gain access to a suite of free creative tools to create video content that feels TikTok-friendly. Try Video Template, Smart Video, Smart Text and TikTok Video Editor –they're designed to make video creation a breeze, so that you can focus on running your business.
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Can I find new customers for my business on TikTok?

Do I need to license music for my business's TikTok videos?

Can I sell my products directly through TikTok?

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