The Essence Vault

The Essence Vault

Using TikTok as a new marketing channel to boost sales.

The Objective

The Essence Vault is an online retailer selling designer inspired fragrances at prices that would make you blink twice. It sought to turbo boost sales with a new marketing channel – TikTok.

The Solution

The Essence Vault opted to use TikTok’s latest ad format, Spark Ads. The tactic is a master of true community connection, fostering organic engagement through total authenticity.

The Essence Vault initially used existing video assets to get started immediately whilst resource was low. Using already highly engaging organic posts, the campaign creative was filmed in a style many Creators use across the platform. As results came in, The Essence Vault launched creative workshops with TikTok to set out a vision and direction for new ads and, with both of these things working in tandem, powerful results would soon follow.

Spark Ads take authenticity and paid spend to the next level. They work by boosting organic videos as TopView or In-Feed Ads to a targeted audience, from the brand’s own content or a collaborating Creator. Users can follow the creator directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile. And a CTA button drives users to an external landing page to explore more.

The Results

The campaign hit the mark, pulling in over 1 million video views and 8,000 new followers. Whilst these metrics certainly look good, the real proof was in seeing a 23% increase in return-on-ad-spend, alongside 21% of sales coming directly from TikTok (an 11% increase from the previous period). The conversion rate also increased from 4.47% to 5.35%.

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“TikTok has been an amazing platform to continue to build our business on and connect with new audiences. The platform has given us a new way to grow creatively and share our content globally. The TikTok team are incredibly helpful and innovative which is something we really struggle with from other channels. They are always there with new ideas for how we can push the boundaries of what's possible in marketing on TikTok too!”
Connor Martin, Founder
The Essence Vault