Lounge Underwear

Lounge Underwear

Scaling up lower funnel performance campaigns with smile-inducing CPAs during one of the most competitive times of the year.

The Objective

Lounge is a British underwear brand created in 2015 by two passionate founders with one mission: create ‘Comfort Made Sexy’. It’s mission on TikTok was no less ambitious, seeking to maintain a low CPA and best-in-class ROI whilst scaling up performance campaigns that converted the lower end of the funnel.

The Solution

Lounge used TikTok’s shiny ad format Spark Ads to add the sparkle on one of the world’s biggest retail days – Black Friday. The format that combines deep user engagement with targeted algorithm efficiencies. Spark Ads boost organic videos directly from a brand or Creator’s profile, as either an In-Feed or TopView Ad, then sends users on to an external link. Users can follow the creator or brand directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile.

Lounge used these ads in a campaign with a conversion objective, seeking to increase add to carts and actual purchases. Controlling spend by utilising TikTok’s Reach & Frequency parameters, it meant Lounge could aim for predictable reach whilst limiting how many times a user saw its ad, guaranteeing a fixed CPM. The ads directed users to their website by including a Shop Now CTA, or by pointing people towards Lounge’s organic profile, where a link to the website sat waiting. The creative itself also showed models wearing Lounge underwear, promoting its value on a day where value matters most.

The Results

The campaign provided targeted, objective-winning success and generated over a 72% increase in complete payment events. It also reduced Lounge’s add to cart cost-per-acquisition by a whopping 73%, proving how popular its mantra and its underwear was with the community.

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“We were super pleased with the YOY growth we achieved over the Black Friday period with TikTok. The strategy we implemented was fun, exciting and the content we showcased lent itself well to the platform. This, combined with the power of Spark Ad technology and working closely with our TikTok account team to implement real time, best practice optimisation, saw us elevate our conversion results by a huge 72%. As a brand we are really excited by the innovation we can bring to our marketing strategies by utilising TikToks ever evolving ad formats and platform advances, and especially when the results speak for themselves."”
Lounge Underwear