Success stories

Glow For It

Helping beauty brand Glow For It boost sales and community sentiment across the UK, all while winning them the ‘Greatest TikTok Award’ in the TikTok Ad Awards 2023.

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4.58 X
Return on ad spend
4 M
9 %
Purchase rate

The Objective 

Glow For It is a small beauty business based in the UK, providing seriously innovative products to a seriously devoted community. When it came to promoting their brand and boosting sales, Glow For It wanted to truly put their customers first – and TikTok proved to be the perfect platform to deliver an attention-grabbing campaign that would supercharge not only the brand’s sales, but their customer engagement, too. 

The Solution 

The Glow For It campaign is an incredible example of how influential consumer-first content can be. By making use of ‘Question Boxes’ in their organic videos, Glow For It was able to reach its community on a whole new level – sharing deep insights into their products and showing 100% authentic customer results. Text and image overlays paired with trending sounds helped to capture attention, and a direct-to-customer camera angle meant that Glow For It’s content felt totally genuine and honest. 

After the success of their organic consumer-first strategy, Glow For It took the best performing content and boosted it as Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads. Fully native and packed with value, these ads spread the message of satisfied Glow For It customers far and wide, demonstrating the benefits and transformations that their products have provided. 

The Results 

The Glow For It campaign used both Spark Ads and In-Feed Ads perfectly – utilizing native and genuine content to reach their target audience in a totally engaging way. The results were astounding, generating in excess of 4 million views and a 48-hour buying frenzy that led to one month’s worth of stock flying off the shelves. The ad yielded a 9% purchase rate, and a return on ad spend of 4.58 – an amazing result for a conversion-focused campaign. Glow For It’s campaign was so successful that it earned them the best overall campaign prize in our TikTok Ad Awards 2023, having tapped into TikTok's community, creativity, and trends to inspire joy and create a cultural moment.

This campaign had a huge impact on my business. When the video went viral it was absolutely unbelievable. In the last year we have been able to launch 12 new products with a further five launching before the end of the year. I have also been able to hire a team of over 9 employees, and we are finally able to move into a full-time office space. This all means we can go live on TikTok multiple times a week, and it’s all thanks to this campaign

Daisy Kelly, Glow For It owner