Here's to everyone feeling a bit witchy.


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Steven Universe - L.Dre

You wanted it as a sound with cc, your wish is my command; *The* Witch ✨Fantasy Acting Challenge✨ ic: @omgsunnyd duetme actingchallenge #witchtok

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Charging crystals in october be like... #witchtok halloween spookysnack

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My Girlfriend Is a Witch - October Country

Making my Winter Witch spellcandle for selflove 🤩✨ phoenixtok wicktok practionertok greenwitch witchcraft witch occultok fyp

Leaves From The Vine - Tempura & Lofi Fruits Music

You can also use garden sage instead of pine!❤️ witch babywitch practioner spelljar wicca pagen phoenixtok fyp fypシ spookyseason

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Brew up somethibg spooky this Halloween #witchtok thrillist cocktails

Jeepers Creepers - Rilie Huntley

Hint, it’s not the pointy hat. #witchtok tiktokpartner learnontiktok overcomeyourfear

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