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Researchers just used a ChatGPT based AI model to generate 500 percent returns after 15 months in the Stock Market.

The model was trained to analyze news on publicly traded companies and used a system to assign them a score based on the sentiment of the news.

It would assign a 1 for positive news, a -1 for negative news and a 0 if the news was neutral. It would then generate trading signals based on that information.

As said it was able to generate over 500 percent in just 15 months of running but do you think it’s just luck? Or is there something here?

Let me know 🤔
More and more dystopian 🤖 #fyp #ai #chatgpt

Sam Altman recently just announced he’d be investing $100M into an AI technology known as the “Orb”

Its a retinal scan software that identified users based on their eyes & rewards them with a Cryptocurrency known as “Worldcoin” for doing so.

Do you think this is going to far? 🤔
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Ubisoft just announced they’d be launching their own set of Assassins Creed NFTs.

Before you destroy me in the comments, don’t worry because you won’t just be getting a worthless JPEG on the internet.

You’ll actually be getting a physical product as well. The products are collectors items that are customizable 3D transparent cubes.

NFT owners can customize the outfit, weapon, and even stance of their character.

There’s a lot more to cover as well but you’ll just have to watch the video!

Would you buy it though? 🤔
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